Aquamarine Gemstone-Its Origin Color and Uses

On hearing the word Aquamarine, the first thought that comes to our mind is something which is related to water. Aquamarine gemstone is also one of the many semi precious gemstones that is a blue stone and is considered as one of the most ‘Precious Four’ gems which are found. The glass like structure and appearance of the stone gives an impression of the sea. It is due to the similarity in the color with the sea that the name was kept which in Latin language means sea water.

The stone gets its color due to the presence of minerals like chromium and vanadium. It belongs from the beryllium aluminum silicates family. The hardness of the stone varies from 7.5 to 8 when measured on Mohs scale. The largest Aquamarine was discovered in 1910 in Marambaya, Brazil where a stone of 110.5 kg was mined. Found mostly in the countries of China, India and Kenya; the largest producer of this stone is Brazil.

The stone is cut into specific shapes and sizes that make it quite attractive among the people. Women mostly like this stone because of its unique rectangular and square cuts. The cuts vary from one gem cutter to another and also depend to a large extent upon the demand. Some of the most preferred cuts mostly include round, oval and cushion sized.  Many ornamental figures are made up of this stone as it never loses its shine so easily.

When it comes to designing jewelry an aquamarine can easily give competition to any other stones that are available in the market. Jewelry designers mostly take the help of it in order to design one of the most beautiful pieces of ornaments. They are mostly used in the form of rings, pendants and necklaces. They look best when worn as a necklace with gown. They are also popular as earrings.

In order to give the ultimate look to aquamarine gems is treated to a certain temperature. This is mainly done in order to remove the unnecessary yellow and greenish tones from the stone that otherwise make it look dull. However, giving heat to the stone is generally avoided as doing so may cause it to decolonize and lose its original color. The stone is to be cleaned very carefully so that it does not lose its shine. Using a mixture along with soapy water is the ultimate natural solution which one can use to clean the stone. Once the stone dries up after cleaning, it is better to use a soft cloth, wrap it around the stone and give it a gentle rub.

The stone is mostly used by people who face stage fear or have problem with public speaking. It helps to relax the mind of the speakers thereby making them comfortable and adapt with themselves with the surrounding environment. It is also recommended to those people who suffer from the water phobia and is also said to bring two individuals together in a relationship.

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Wear Fire Opal gemstone to get good results

Of the numerous forms of Opal Gemstones, Fire Opal is one of the rarest of them all. It is also unique and is demanded by the customers very often. It is also known as Girasol which is a type of opal that is mainly found near Central and South America. In the ancient period, people used to have great faith over this gemstone. They believed that it was the stone of paradise. Fire Opals gained their popularity in the early 1850s when the European Explorers found it.

Found primarily in the countries of Mexico and Brazil, Fire opal is also the national stone of Mexico. There, the gemstone is extracted from the pit mines and is then exported to the other parts of the world; where as some of the stones are sent to factories as they are cut in to precision and polished by expert gemstone cutters. It is also a major contributor to the Mexican economy. In order to view some of the wonderful specimens of the stone one can visit the National Museum of Mexico.

It is very difficult to handle a Fire Opal. In case, the stone is cut in a wrong way then it loses its lustrous color, thereby making the stone more brittle. It is for this reason that these stones are always kept in a pH neutral environment so that that they are not in any way affected by extreme temperatures. Maintaining Opal is not so easy. Proper is to be taken of the stone so that the water content inside the stone is not lost easily. Jewelers always suggest that wearing opals help to keep the necessary moisture inside the stone. Bringing them in close contact with cosmetics might cause them appear to be less transparent and the stone might lose its shine.

Due to its numerous healing properties, the stone provides remedy to persons who are suffering from personal and business problems. The stone has the ability to increase the personal power. It awakens inner fire and fills his body with encouragement. Moreover, it is also said that the stone protects the individual from any kind of danger and boosts his or her energy levels. Females are also immensely benefited after wearing this stone. It brings balance in the adrenal glands that are helpful for the female hormones. The stone is also suggested for those who are suffering from menopause problems. Businessmen also benefit themselves a lot from these stones as this can bring wealth and encourage progress of their business.

There are four important things or the three C’s that are Color, Clarity and Cut to be kept in mind before purchasing an Opal. It is always good to observe the stone under light in order to determine the authenticity of the stone. The brighter the color, the more valuable the stone is.  Next, is Clarity. If the Opal that you are about to purchase does not have any inclusions then you can be sure that it is original. The last and important thing is the cut. Polished that are not faceted yet should always be purchased.

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Benefits of Attending Gem shows

ImageGem shows are always a way to gather a large number of crowds. No doubt it brings a sparkle in a women’s mind and a smile on her face; gem shows are mostly thronged by women and jewel lovers. They love to experiment and try out any new gems that has recently released in the market. These shows are often called the Mecca of gem lovers.

Many gemstone wholesalers often prefer to present their jewels in the gem shows. These shows serve as a great platform to even the new entrants who are yet to make a mark in the jewellery industry. Recently, a new gemstone Ethiopian Welo Opal has been discovered in Ethiopia. This stone was found in a plateau known as Welo. The colours are very exciting as red is the most common color. The stone is made up of a material known as Hydrophane. When the stone is soaked in water the color changes and in some cases it might also vanish.

The Good Ethiopian Opals have a variety of colors such as, oranges, eon reds, green, brown, blue, white and contra lush fire yellow. Though these opals have been recently mined but anthropologists suggest that these stones were used by prehistoric man in order to make tools.

Some of the important benefits of attending the gem shows are that one can view a large number of stones, inspect their quality and moreover purchase them in bulk quantity and that too at a less price. Some of the shows that are organized, are free of cost where as some of them charge fees. It is a very ideal place for all the jewellery designers and business man as they can interact and speak about the various things such as the current emerging trends about gems and numerous other things. In addition to this many whole sellers of gemstones are often found here selling gems in large chunks. These help the retailers to buy them. Hence, it is a place where one can also do good business.

As far as the advertising and other sponsoring companies are concerned they also get a very good opportunity to interact with the jewellery sellers. The jewellery designers can learn about more innovative designs and take an idea about the creative ways through which they can design jewellery. These events are mostly organized in open stadiums or in a similar space where a large number of gatherings can be accommodated. The guests are also served with many refreshments.

Since a lot of precious gems are displayed in these shows a tight security is kept at all the times. In the past, many cases have been reported where some stones were stolen and this is the reason why you can see CCTV cameras installed at the entry, exit points and at various places in the gem fair. The most important problem of attending these gem shows are that one can often get confused on which is the best gem to choose and ultimately end up purchasing another stone. Hence, it is important for you that you also should not easily get influenced by any other gemstone.

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The significance of Semi Precious Stones.

ImageSemi Precious Stones are the best income generating mineral resource in India. Jaipur, the pink city is known to be the hub for semi precious gemstones. It is famous worldwide for its perfect cutting and finishing articulates and has some of the finest artisans. Interestingly, Jaipur is not the original place of mining these semi precious gemstones. Most of the raw gems are imported from the rest of the world but they are given their shapes and finish at this place. So if we may say so, they are groomed in Jaipur. Even Orissa is known for its contribution in this to this trade. Semi precious gemstones are always a better option to buy rather than the precious stones. There is a reason for this statement: We usually wear according to the fashion trends and fashion changes like the seasons. If you invest in highly valuable commodities you have to keep in mind that fashion is the root cause of the change of the value of your investment. Coming to their effects and significance each Semi precious stone has a story of its own. The Amethyst is the most recognized and precious gemstones in the quartz family. The word amethyst originates from the Greek word ‘amethystos,’ which means ‘not intoxicated.’ In the early Greeks Times wine was a heavenly drink and was a royal indulgence. So with this theory the Greeks would mix their wine and drink with large amethysts and believed that they could consume as much alcohol as possible without passing out and getting drunk.

 Topaz is the hardest of the silicate mineral family and made of two components- fluorine and aluminum. The pure Topaz is crystal clear, and is now found in abundance after the discovery of a new source in Brazil. The Blue Topaz is said to make the men more handsome and relates to chasing away sadness anger and fear. It serves as a cooling effect for the hot heads.

For women Precious Gemstones are an Achilles’ heel

The sparkle of a gem leaves a twinkle in every one’s Eyes. These minerals whether polished or unfinished possess the power of elucidation. No wonder the best way to a woman’s heart is by gifting her these priceless minerals.  Precious gemstones are valued on the basis of their rarity. Expensive gems have fewer inclusions and stronger colors. It’s interesting to know that in the olden days the amethyst was considered a cardinal gemstone. But in the 19 th Century a large source of this gem was found in Brazil. This increased the accessibility of the stone and the prices dropped drastically. The most famous Gemstones are the Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. The word Ruby comes from the Latin word “rubens” which means Red.  Ruby, or corundum, is known to be formed as result of two continents colliding according to the Geologists. This band across central Asia’s peeks is the main source of Rubies. The tallest mountains on Earth, the Himalayas are a result from continent-continent collisions and create the heat and pressure necessary for ruby to form. Rubies have been deemed as the most valuable gemstones throughout the history. They are the emissary of passion and blood as their color depicts. The stone emulates passion and fire within. There is an old saying that the Earth was believed to be seated on the Giant Sapphire. Sapphires are supposed to represent sincerity and stability. The kings where known to wear this stone around their neck to appeal to the divine and to protect themselves from envy. Let us talk about Emeralds now… These wonderful green minerals are a symbol of harmony. The green color portrays the essence of life and nature. The Holy scriptures of India regard the Emeralds as an auspicious gem of Good luck and prosperity.  They are an emblem of kindness and purity.

Gemstones Are Not Evaluated By Their Price But With Their Effect.

People mostly use gemstones stones to make ornaments or jewelry. These stones are made from minerals which have a certain amount of aesthetic value attached to them.  Each stone represents planet and bring positivity with them like energy waves that shun away the negativity surrounding a person  , healing power reduces the harmful effects, helps an individual to take care of his or her emotions, increase brain power and many more . Most of the time astrologers suggest gemstones as they believe that these stones bring luck with them . More than 130 minerals are used to make gemstones. There are a plethora of gemstones that are present, but among all of them, some of the precious gemstones Are  Ruby, Diamond, Emerald and Sapphire. It can be used as a gift item for several occasions such as anniversary, child of  birth, wedding or for any other special purpose.  Different gemstones represent different type of planets like  Ruby represents Sun, Blue Sapphire represents Saturn, Yellow Sapphire represents Jupiter, Pearl represents the moon, Red Coral represents Mars, Emerald represents mercury and Diamond represents Venus. Color plays a very important part in choosing the gemstones. It is said that the color of the gemstone has also got an impact on the human body and this is one of the most important reasons as to why  most of the people wear gemstones in the form of necklaces and rings.

Price of gemstones varies from one stone to another.  As far as the availability of gemstones are concerned apart from visiting the popular gemstone shops one can also purchase gemstones online sitting within the comforts of his or her home. Customers can find the price of various gemstones by visiting the websites  and also read about the full description of a particular stone and know about its weight, shape, clarity and hardness. Many special offers and discounts are available on various types of stones. Normally, the prices of large stones per carat is lower than the prices of small stones. Gem Certificates issued by certified gemologists verify the accuracy of a particular stone so that customers can be sure about the quality of the gemstone.

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Classification of Gemstones

There is an extensive market related to gemstones and jewellery.  This industry incorporates the involvement of  a large number of people with various acumen. Whereas, a few are engaged with processing functions, others are occupied with sales and marketing. Altogether, there are jobs in different verticals.  The industry is worth million dollars  with several negative  and positive aspects. The positive aspect includes the easy availability of jewellery items that you can like.  High pricing with, and various opportunities for cheating ( especially for the laymen) could be counted as negative points.

It  is a common practice to charge much higher price than the actual market value of jewellery items. It is a quite tough to assure whether or not you are paying the appropriate price range. Usually, consumers are not expert, and most of the time they rely on others in order to make sure that they are paying the right amount for the desired jewellery piece. Well, there are certain guidelines, which everybody needs to be learned in order to attain a basic knowledge on the subject:

First and foremost, gemstones are divided into four categories. In fact, the pricing of the gemstone depends upon the category in which it falls:

Natural  Stones

As the name suggests, the natural form is abstained from any sort of hardcore processing. Only processing is carried out for cutting and polishing. As they are procured in the natural form, so they are available with few impurities.

Genuine Gemstones

This form is alike to natural stones, besides it contains extreme process of polishing and cutting. The form of stone is gone through chemical treatments  in order to enhance the looks and durability. However, chemical treatments which can change the entire formation of the stone is not accepted. Following is a list of treatments which is accepted widely:

Heat treatment

Heat treatment is very common and accepted quite widely. The changes occur through heat treatment are quite permanent, and applies on whole stone not just on the surface.

Diffusion treatment and Facture filling

Usually, this method does not change the stone, but the surface portion. This treatment is not accepted until the price of the stone reflects the lesser value.

Synthetic Gemstones

This form of the gemstone is produced in a laboratory. It is a much cheaper option as compared to genuine and natural stones. Although, they have the same characteristics as natural stones, and it is  tough to differentiate between the two.

Imitation Gemstones

These are built on simple crystal structures. Basically, it is carried out to enhance the colour.  It is alike to real gemstone, but  certainly not the real one. This form of gemstones can be procured from any material including glass and plastics. Although, you can find high quality stone as well  made through this way, but it is a lesser quality stone as compared to natural stones.