Aquamarine Gemstone-Its Origin Color and Uses

On hearing the word Aquamarine, the first thought that comes to our mind is something which is related to water. Aquamarine gemstone is also one of the many semi precious gemstones that is a blue stone and is considered as one of the most ‘Precious Four’ gems which are found. The glass like structure and appearance of the stone gives an impression of the sea. It is due to the similarity in the color with the sea that the name was kept which in Latin language means sea water.

The stone gets its color due to the presence of minerals like chromium and vanadium. It belongs from the beryllium aluminum silicates family. The hardness of the stone varies from 7.5 to 8 when measured on Mohs scale. The largest Aquamarine was discovered in 1910 in Marambaya, Brazil where a stone of 110.5 kg was mined. Found mostly in the countries of China, India and Kenya; the largest producer of this stone is Brazil.

The stone is cut into specific shapes and sizes that make it quite attractive among the people. Women mostly like this stone because of its unique rectangular and square cuts. The cuts vary from one gem cutter to another and also depend to a large extent upon the demand. Some of the most preferred cuts mostly include round, oval and cushion sized.  Many ornamental figures are made up of this stone as it never loses its shine so easily.

When it comes to designing jewelry an aquamarine can easily give competition to any other stones that are available in the market. Jewelry designers mostly take the help of it in order to design one of the most beautiful pieces of ornaments. They are mostly used in the form of rings, pendants and necklaces. They look best when worn as a necklace with gown. They are also popular as earrings.

In order to give the ultimate look to aquamarine gems is treated to a certain temperature. This is mainly done in order to remove the unnecessary yellow and greenish tones from the stone that otherwise make it look dull. However, giving heat to the stone is generally avoided as doing so may cause it to decolonize and lose its original color. The stone is to be cleaned very carefully so that it does not lose its shine. Using a mixture along with soapy water is the ultimate natural solution which one can use to clean the stone. Once the stone dries up after cleaning, it is better to use a soft cloth, wrap it around the stone and give it a gentle rub.

The stone is mostly used by people who face stage fear or have problem with public speaking. It helps to relax the mind of the speakers thereby making them comfortable and adapt with themselves with the surrounding environment. It is also recommended to those people who suffer from the water phobia and is also said to bring two individuals together in a relationship.

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Mystic Topaz- A Semi Precious Gemstone With a Radiant Look

Mystic TopazThough Gemstones are worn for accentuating the beauty but they should always be worn after consulting an astrologer or a person who has a very good knowledge about gemstones. All stones do not suit the body type of certain individuals. They may attract negative forces sometimes. It all depends upon the birth chart of a person as far as wearing the stones are concerned.

All gems have a strong association with the planets of the earth. At the time of birth, these planets start working and continue till the last day of our lives. Not every planet bring positive effects in our lives, some of them also draws negative forces. A gemstone attracts rays from the planet and hence influences the body of an individual. Some of them even bring good luck and positive changes inside the personality of a person. They are to be worn in a right way that is in the right finger and on the right day.

Mystic Topaz, the rainbow colored gemstone is quite an attractive stone. The different shades of color in the gemstone emit sparkling rays thus creating a wonderful effect. The name of the stone is derived from an island named Topazos which is situated near the Red Sea. The stone is mostly found in the countries of Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Mexico and Myanmar. Brazil is one such country where majority of the stone can be found. In the ancient ages, the Greeks believed that this tone had the ability to increase strength of an individual and hence used to wear this stone. The Egyptians on the other hand, used to believe that this stone was a protector against all the evils and hence used to wear it to protect them against any kind of harm.

Since, the stone is not found in its natural form, a natural topaz is coated either with some similar metal or a thin layer of titanium oxide. The purpose of applying the coating is that it changes the natural color of the stone and creates an array of various colors that in turn produces the rainbow effect. It is then heated at a certain temperature, in order to give it the desired look. Though the mystic topaz is an artificially enhanced stone, but it gives the stone a very contemporary look.

Though the price of the gemstone is escalating at a rapid rate but the demand for the stone has not gone down. People in all countries of the world are purchasing this stone. But before purchasing a mystic topaz one should always be cautious about the price that is charged. Price of a topaz varies according to the carat size. The larger the size of the stone, the higher will be the price of the stone.

Since, Mystic Topaz is an important semi precious gemstone, one has to take care of it or else the stone might stop working. A simple wash in a mixture of water and mild soap is just the way to keep the stone working for a long time. Once the stone is cleaned properly, it should be dried with a clean towel.

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The Royalty of a Ruby Gemstone

There are various types of invisible energies that are present around us. We cannot see them with naked eyes. The metallic elements that are present inside our body are very sensitive to magnetic radiation. Just as proteins and minerals are necessary to be present in our body, in the same way the invisible energies are also required to be present as it influences our mental and physical state.

The invisible energies can be brought in to direct contact with each other only with the help of gemstones. These stones accumulate all the positive forces or the cosmic rays of the planets from the surrounding atmosphere and enable the body to absorb them. Different individuals have connection with different planets and hence they wear various gemstones.

When we talk about planets, it is the semi precious gemstones that come to our mind first. Some of the unique properties of these gemstones make them the most demanded gemstones. Ruby Gemstones is considered as the king of all the gemstones. In the ancient times, it used to represent Sun. Thye stone was regarded as a symbol of happiness, romance, prosperity and inspiration. Even warriors used this stone as a protection against any impending danger. In England, a coronation ring made up of ruby was used and till date enjoys its royal stature. In fact, Prince Andrew gifted a ruby engagement ring to her wife. Hence, it can be said that a ruby gemstone and royalty goes hand in hand.

Found primarily in Burma, which is now known as Myanmar, Ruby has been mined here since the last thousand years. Mogok is the place where rubies are found but off lately a new area known as Mong Hsu has been discovered from where majority of the red stone is being extracted. The stone in its various other colors is also found in other parts of the world. Pink or Violet Rubies are found in Sri Lanka where as unique color rubies were also found in countries like Tanzania and Kenya in the early sixties. India is also said to have some great sources of Ruby.

Ruby plays an important part in astrology. It can change the destiny of a person and can lift him or her up from a state of despair to a state of happiness. Mostly, creative people take help of the stone in order to gain fame and recognition. Persons who frequently suffer from health problems also take help of the stone in order to have a good health.  It is generally worn by a person with the astrological sign of Leo.

Handling a precious stone like Ruby is not so easy. Extreme care has to be taken while using the stone. They should always be kept in a fabric lined box and should never be kept with any other jewellery as there always remains a huge possibility of getting scratched. Once it receives scratch it loses all its properties. As far as cleaning is concerned, a Ruby should always be dipped in soapy water and cleaned with a brush. Once, the cleaning process is over it must be dried thoroughly and then kept in its place.

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Different Kinds of precious and semi precious gemstones

Gemstones are something that is pure and natural. They are extracted from the surface of the earth and are then modified or cut in to precision before they finally come to the market. Since, the time of their origin these stones have been a favourite for women. In the pre historic or ancient times even kings used to wear it as they used to believe that these stones had some supernatural powers attached to it. But with the passage of time, the stones have found their way in jewellery showrooms and in the hearts of women off course.

After their discovery, the gemstones were classified in to two categories. They are precious and semi precious gemstones. If you are an ardent lover of gemstones then you must know the difference between these stones. Few stones on this earth are very rare on the earth. They can hardly be found and are hence considered as precious. There are only four such stones that are termed as precious on the earth. They are Diamonds, Emeralds, Sapphires and Rubies. Today, with the development of technology these stones can be grown even in laboratories, but they do not have the same properties like the ones that are found naturally or extracted from the earth.

Let us know about each of the precious stones in brief detail. Starting with Diamond, it is no doubt that it is one of the most expensive gemstone and certainly a women’s lover. This stone is basically a carbon in its crystallised form. The name Diamond is derived from a Greek word which means unbreakable. When it is cut in to proper shape it produces a sparkling colour. The next member in the family of precious gemstones is Emerald. The stone is green in colour. It is mainly worn by people suffering from problem like kidney, liver and adrenalin glands.

Ruby is yet another stone which is of high quality and is valuable more than the diamonds. It is one of the rarest coloured gemstones found on earth. Red coloured rubies are one of the most valuable gemstones. They are also known as Manek.  Lastly, Sapphire, a blue coloured gemstone are one of the most expensive gemstones that are found. There are basically two kinds of sapphires; Natural Sapphire and Synthetic Sapphire. Natural Sapphires are mainly found in gray and black colour where as synthetic sapphire does not have a specific colour. It changes according to the type of stone.

Semi precious stones on the other hand are of numerous types. These are mainly used for making fashionable jewellery as well as ornamental objects. Like the precious stones these stones have also got many properties. All the stones are heated to a certain temperature in order to enhance their colour. They are worn in many forms such as necklaces and rings. One of the most important properties of the semi precious stones are that they can be worn with any type of dresses either ethnic or modern wear.

Price of the gemstones depends on the basis of its existence. Stones that are rarely found are costly. However, some other important factors such as color, clarity and carats also are also some other important factors that is responsible for deciding the price of a gemstone.

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Benefits of Attending Gem shows

ImageGem shows are always a way to gather a large number of crowds. No doubt it brings a sparkle in a women’s mind and a smile on her face; gem shows are mostly thronged by women and jewel lovers. They love to experiment and try out any new gems that has recently released in the market. These shows are often called the Mecca of gem lovers.

Many gemstone wholesalers often prefer to present their jewels in the gem shows. These shows serve as a great platform to even the new entrants who are yet to make a mark in the jewellery industry. Recently, a new gemstone Ethiopian Welo Opal has been discovered in Ethiopia. This stone was found in a plateau known as Welo. The colours are very exciting as red is the most common color. The stone is made up of a material known as Hydrophane. When the stone is soaked in water the color changes and in some cases it might also vanish.

The Good Ethiopian Opals have a variety of colors such as, oranges, eon reds, green, brown, blue, white and contra lush fire yellow. Though these opals have been recently mined but anthropologists suggest that these stones were used by prehistoric man in order to make tools.

Some of the important benefits of attending the gem shows are that one can view a large number of stones, inspect their quality and moreover purchase them in bulk quantity and that too at a less price. Some of the shows that are organized, are free of cost where as some of them charge fees. It is a very ideal place for all the jewellery designers and business man as they can interact and speak about the various things such as the current emerging trends about gems and numerous other things. In addition to this many whole sellers of gemstones are often found here selling gems in large chunks. These help the retailers to buy them. Hence, it is a place where one can also do good business.

As far as the advertising and other sponsoring companies are concerned they also get a very good opportunity to interact with the jewellery sellers. The jewellery designers can learn about more innovative designs and take an idea about the creative ways through which they can design jewellery. These events are mostly organized in open stadiums or in a similar space where a large number of gatherings can be accommodated. The guests are also served with many refreshments.

Since a lot of precious gems are displayed in these shows a tight security is kept at all the times. In the past, many cases have been reported where some stones were stolen and this is the reason why you can see CCTV cameras installed at the entry, exit points and at various places in the gem fair. The most important problem of attending these gem shows are that one can often get confused on which is the best gem to choose and ultimately end up purchasing another stone. Hence, it is important for you that you also should not easily get influenced by any other gemstone.

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A woman’s Desire for an Opal

ImageThe real beauty of a woman is exposed when she wears jewellery. There is no denying in the fact that like every other gemstone Opal is also one of the many precious gemstones that adores a woman. Available in a wide range of variety and colours an opal gemstone is always a favorite stone for a woman. In the past many eminent personalities have expressed their desire for this gemstone. Shakespeare, the great English poet once referred Opal as the “Queen of Gems”. Pliny, the Roman historian referred it as “having the fire of the carbuncle, the brilliant purple of the amethyst and the sea green colour of the emerald, all shining together in incredible union”.

Opal Gemstones come in numerous colours white, black, fire, matrix, blue and the list goes on. It will not be possible to discuss about all their colours. The transparency of this semi precious stone allows light to pass through it and produce multiple light colours.  An expert gemstone cutter gives it a proper shape that is eye popping by using it in various forms like beads or carvings. To describe it in other words we can say that an Opal Gemstone is created by tiny amorphous silica gel that gives it the look of a fire.

Opal gemstones have a plenty of healing properties associated with it. But these healing effects vary according to the colour of the gemstone. White coloured opals increase the productivity of an individual. Anyone suffering from problems like indigestions or acidity can wear this opal. Fire opals on the other hand help a person to undergo emotional turmoil by helping him or her forget about the past incidents. A Blue Opal is effective at that point of time when past life of a person is affecting his or her present life. Persons suffering from bad immune system can use the Green Opal.

Though most of the Opals are mined in Australia but some of them are also found in Czech Republic, Honduras, Mexico and Nevada. Australia accounts for about 90% of the Opals with a production ranging between $100 million to $200 million.

An Opal Gemstone can only last longer if it is handled carefully and can stop working if proper care is not taken. This fragile semi precious gemstone should always be cleaned with mild detergent in warm water. It should be cleaned either with a soft toothbrush or a cloth. Using an ultrasonic cleaner is very dangerous as the vibrations can cause crack in the stone. Sometimes the opal may lose its luster due to its usage for a long time. You can at anytime visit a professional gemstone dealer who also specializes in polishing it and get back that lost shine.

If you want to keep your opal away from you for some time then you can do so. All you have to do is store it in a simple padded cloth. If you want to store the opal for a long time then you can do so by placing it in a cotton cloth along with a few drops of water. The purpose of doing this is that it will prevent any amount of water coming out of the stone in case it is exposed to humid environments.

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Gemstones Are Not Evaluated By Their Price But With Their Effect.

People mostly use gemstones stones to make ornaments or jewelry. These stones are made from minerals which have a certain amount of aesthetic value attached to them.  Each stone represents planet and bring positivity with them like energy waves that shun away the negativity surrounding a person  , healing power reduces the harmful effects, helps an individual to take care of his or her emotions, increase brain power and many more . Most of the time astrologers suggest gemstones as they believe that these stones bring luck with them . More than 130 minerals are used to make gemstones. There are a plethora of gemstones that are present, but among all of them, some of the precious gemstones Are  Ruby, Diamond, Emerald and Sapphire. It can be used as a gift item for several occasions such as anniversary, child of  birth, wedding or for any other special purpose.  Different gemstones represent different type of planets like  Ruby represents Sun, Blue Sapphire represents Saturn, Yellow Sapphire represents Jupiter, Pearl represents the moon, Red Coral represents Mars, Emerald represents mercury and Diamond represents Venus. Color plays a very important part in choosing the gemstones. It is said that the color of the gemstone has also got an impact on the human body and this is one of the most important reasons as to why  most of the people wear gemstones in the form of necklaces and rings.

Price of gemstones varies from one stone to another.  As far as the availability of gemstones are concerned apart from visiting the popular gemstone shops one can also purchase gemstones online sitting within the comforts of his or her home. Customers can find the price of various gemstones by visiting the websites  and also read about the full description of a particular stone and know about its weight, shape, clarity and hardness. Many special offers and discounts are available on various types of stones. Normally, the prices of large stones per carat is lower than the prices of small stones. Gem Certificates issued by certified gemologists verify the accuracy of a particular stone so that customers can be sure about the quality of the gemstone.

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A Guide To Buying Precious Stones Online

Due to their expensive nature, many people tend to take their time when buying jewelry. However, most of them are somewhat hesitant to try out online stores. Such skepticism denies the customer a chance to save a significant amount of money and time in the purchasing process.

One advantage of purchasing gemstones online is better prices. Over the past few years, the prices of diamonds, gold and other precious commodities have risen sharply. Some may thus find it difficult to find a jewelry piece within their budget. A cheaper alternative would be to purchase loose gemstones over the web. Here, you can find a designer who will offer you an exclusive ornament embedded with your preferred stone.

There’s also less chance of being duped. When purchasing pre-designed pieces, it may be difficult to determine the quality of stones used. Most conventional jewelers set precious stones in a way that makes it difficult for an ordinary buyer to spot imperfections. To avert such cases, opt for loose gemstones. Their shape, color and carat size can easily be determined.

One also has freedom of choice. In conventional jewelry shops, one is presented with only a few options. This means that you’ll be unlikely to get the piece that you desire. With loose gemstones however, one can buy any piece of their choice in their preferred shape. It’s also easy to choose a setting and get the design ready.

The internet is the best place to purchase loose gemstones. Here, you can find various pieces at both wholesale and retail prices. One of the main challenges when buying online is to find a reputable dealer. If the piece you’re looking for is meant for a special occasion, you definitely want the best quality possible. In such a case, look for dealers who are oriented to quality rather than price.

You should also consider the experience of a dealer. Vendors who have been in business for long stand a better chance of providing good quality gems. This is because jewelry pieces are scarce and their demand is high. As such, only experienced dealers are able to source the best gems.

The dealer should also provide gem certification from recognized gemological labs, including statements of origin. These are essential in establishing the authenticity of precious stones. An online gemstones shop should also provide a reasonable return policy. Look for dealers who are inclined to satisfy their customers. A vendor should recognize your right to evaluate stones and return them if they don’t meet your requirements.

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