Gem and Jewelry Show: A Medium to Showcase Your Business

Gem and jewelry shows are the excellent way of providing the customer a sneak peek of latest collection. Moreover, it is an important exercise to boost the business and increase the clientage. Regular shows increase the number of loyal exhibitors, which can ultimately be cash in lucrative business deals. Buying jewelry studded with expensive gems is an exhilarating experience for everybody. International gem and jewelry shows are an awesome platform to learn about gem and jewelry, even the rare ones.  
Through the Gem Shows  someone can unearth the exquisite gems with minute details. Bestingems Inc has large collection of gemstones and beads catering the all taste and budget. Let’s dig in some of the available products:
It is precious gemstone, available in oval and trillion shape with faceted and cabs cut. It is a green color stone that can easily be used in jewelry. The price this precious stone varies as per the size. It is available in the size of 3.50 X 2.50 mm, 6.00 X 4.00 mm and 4.50 X 4.50 mm. You can buy it in the single entity as well.
Cirtine Necklace
It is a beautifully crafted necklace available with one strand. The intricate design of this jewelry piece will certainly make your dress look even better. As of now, it is available in faceted, smooth and rough cut. There are two color choices available that are golden and orange.  Aforementioned are two best color choices that can go with all skin tone.  It is available in the size of 3 – 4.5mm and 4-5mm.
Neon Apatite
It an exquisite jewelry piece available with 1 and 3 strands. It is ready to bear item originated from Brazil. It has clean eye clarity, and cut wise it is available in round and faceted. On the scale of hardness it is counted as 6. As of now, it is available in deep blue color. It is a perfect ornament that can team up with almost any dress.
You can find a large collection of coral necklace on Bestingems Inc. Embedded with red coral beads, it is a beautiful jewelry item for your precious neck. So far, it is available in faceted, rough and smooth cut, mainly in a red and pink color. This ornament got its origin from Taiwan. On the scale of hardness the product falls on 3.
It is said diamonds are girls’ best friend.  No doubt, indeed! You can find beautifully crafted diamond necklaces on Bestingems Inc. The color availability is black and white. Origin from divine country India, necklace is embedded with natural diamond and rough beads.
Rainbow Moonstone
Originated from Australia, it is an eye clean clarity stone available in round faceted cut.  Hardness wise it falls on the scale of 7. It is a perfect ornament which can be at any occasion.  It is decent piece of jewelry.
Moreover, some can also visit the Jewelry Shows  someone can explore the intricate jewelry designs. These jewelry shows held from time and again in entire country.  Well, aforementioned was just tip of the iceberg. Explore the Bestingems Inc to unearth the all items.

Gem show & Jewelry Shows represent every segment of our country that includes a loyal group of exhibitors and customers that are an invaluable part of our jewels on display business. Last year over 1 million customers walked our show floors. For our customers

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Benefits of Attending Gem shows

ImageGem shows are always a way to gather a large number of crowds. No doubt it brings a sparkle in a women’s mind and a smile on her face; gem shows are mostly thronged by women and jewel lovers. They love to experiment and try out any new gems that has recently released in the market. These shows are often called the Mecca of gem lovers.

Many gemstone wholesalers often prefer to present their jewels in the gem shows. These shows serve as a great platform to even the new entrants who are yet to make a mark in the jewellery industry. Recently, a new gemstone Ethiopian Welo Opal has been discovered in Ethiopia. This stone was found in a plateau known as Welo. The colours are very exciting as red is the most common color. The stone is made up of a material known as Hydrophane. When the stone is soaked in water the color changes and in some cases it might also vanish.

The Good Ethiopian Opals have a variety of colors such as, oranges, eon reds, green, brown, blue, white and contra lush fire yellow. Though these opals have been recently mined but anthropologists suggest that these stones were used by prehistoric man in order to make tools.

Some of the important benefits of attending the gem shows are that one can view a large number of stones, inspect their quality and moreover purchase them in bulk quantity and that too at a less price. Some of the shows that are organized, are free of cost where as some of them charge fees. It is a very ideal place for all the jewellery designers and business man as they can interact and speak about the various things such as the current emerging trends about gems and numerous other things. In addition to this many whole sellers of gemstones are often found here selling gems in large chunks. These help the retailers to buy them. Hence, it is a place where one can also do good business.

As far as the advertising and other sponsoring companies are concerned they also get a very good opportunity to interact with the jewellery sellers. The jewellery designers can learn about more innovative designs and take an idea about the creative ways through which they can design jewellery. These events are mostly organized in open stadiums or in a similar space where a large number of gatherings can be accommodated. The guests are also served with many refreshments.

Since a lot of precious gems are displayed in these shows a tight security is kept at all the times. In the past, many cases have been reported where some stones were stolen and this is the reason why you can see CCTV cameras installed at the entry, exit points and at various places in the gem fair. The most important problem of attending these gem shows are that one can often get confused on which is the best gem to choose and ultimately end up purchasing another stone. Hence, it is important for you that you also should not easily get influenced by any other gemstone.

At many precious gemstones for sale. One can easily get here cheap gemstones with good quality.

Gem Shows – The Ultimate Place for Jewelry Lovers

gems shows
Merely searching on the internet, reading journals or books do not provide so much information about a gemstone until and unless one gets to see it in physical form. Today, there are a number of gemstones that are found. Each of them has some unique property associated with them. These stones are normally divided into two parts that are precious and semi precious. They form a very important part of every human being’s life as their healing properties not only helps an individual to get respite from their various physical ailments but also changes their destiny. They are given a wonderful shape and are cut in to precision by expert gemstone cutters.

Every month many gem shows are organized around the world in countries and places like California, Florida, Massachusetts, UK, USA and Ontario where leading gem stone makers gather and showcase their expensive and precious gemstones. All the gemstone lovers can arrive at this place and take a glance of his or her favourite gemstones. These shows are not only organized to sell gemstones but they also provide knowledge to the people about the properties or benefits of particular gemstones. This is done in the form of presentation or by showing a short film based on gemstones. Sometimes, these shows are also organized in hotels and continue for a long time.

The gems offered at these places are sometimes of unique quality and sometimes fake also. Hence, one should always visit these places with such a person who has got a very good knowledge about gemstones and their quality in order to determine the true value of a gemstone. The first international gem show was organized in the year 1991. Many high graded semi precious gemstones were displayed here. Buyers and sellers from all over the world gathered at that place. Due to intensive competition between various vendors prices may be competitive but the buyer must haggle with the seller in order to get the best price.

It is important to mention here that before going to any gem or Jewelry show one must make a proper mindset about the kind of gem he or she wants to purchase. Due to the presence of many attractive jeweleries or gemstones one may get easily influenced; he or she might change their mind instantly and ultimately end up purchasing some other jewels. Hence, they should always make up their mind first on which gem to purchase. Astrologers are also present in these kinds of shows. They study the hands of people and advice them accordingly that which is the best gemstone they should opt for in order to lead a tension free life.  One can easily find information on the upcoming Gem and Jewelry shows by doing an online research on the internet. Entry to some of the shows are free where as other shows may charge a nominal entry fee. Another important benefit of attending the gem shows are that sometimes one also get to see the launch of a new gemstone.

Gem Shows | Santa Monica, CA | April 05-07

Santa Monica, CA

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Address : 1855 Main Street, Santa Monica CA 90401

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SHOW HOURS :   Friday        12:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m.
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                             Sunday     11:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

Tickets : You can purchase tickets at the shows or book on-line here:

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Gem Shows – Tips To Attend A Large Gem And Mineral Show

Gem ShowAre you looking to explore the major gem show and not sure about the necessary preparation before attending any such event. Read the below mentioned blog post, it will help you for sure:

List out  the vendors that  are participating in the show

You can browse all the information through the net. In fact, you can purchase few bead or rock and mineral magazines  in order to brush up your basics. Usually, big organizations invite many vendors who display their items at different designated locations on a same date. In fact, such events are organized on an annual basis in association with same vendors. So, once you become aware about them the very next time you will go to them in much easier way.

Gem SHow 2

Location  of the show

Generally, gem shows are organized in spacious buildings or in hotels. Moreover, some shows are organized in a little shelter as well. So check out the weather feasibility  see whether or not you can manage with certain weather conditions. Other than aforementioned, sometimes you might need to struggle with parking area as well.

 Do not carry heavy items

Do not carry unwanted items to the show. Carry  a small purse containing credit cards, driving  license, business card and bank debit card in order to churn out money from the machine. You  should also carry  drinking water and refreshments.

Gem Show 3

Be wise in shopping

Keep in mind that such exhibitions are  not the ideal place for looking for the low price range items. Moreover, you can not do bargaining  in a show. These are the places where you can get a sense of ongoing trends  in the jewellery market.  Apply your discretion before making your final purchases.