Wear a Paraiba Tourmaline to get rid of health problems

ImageBlue is a color which is often associated with stability and depth. The color is used as a symbol for many stones. When it comes to gemstones, Paraiba Tourmaline is a gemstone which is mainly known for its turquoise blue color. The stone was discovered in the 1980s by Heitor Dimas Barbosa as he along with all his people spent many years at the hills of Federal Brazilian State of Paraiba and hence the name Paraiba Tourmaline.

This gemstone is quite rare. The stone is scattered at different places beneath the earth and even with the use of high tech method for extraction of gemstone makes it quite difficult to find the stone. You will be amazed to know that it takes about 2000 tons of earth in order to get 40 carats of the gemstone. Moreover, there are number of reasons like depletion of mines and the complex process of extraction of the stone are some reasons for its rare existence. It is therefore considered as one of the rarest gemstone of the world even rare than diamond.

Wearing a Paraiba Tourmaline is good for your health. The stone is used a healing agent for people suffering from intense physical stress. The stone makes a person mentally stable and aware. Moreover, it also activates the immune system of the body. One interesting fact about the stone is that, once a research was done on the gemstone and it was found that the gemstone helps to increase the metabolism power of plants and animals. Hence, the stone is not only known for its effect on the human beings bit also on the other living and non living things which exist on the earth.

The rays that are absorbed by this stone have a very calm effect on the nerves of the human body.  Three-fourth of our body consists of water. By wearing this stone, the functionality of the tissues present in our body increases. Hence, the energy levels as well as the metabolism rate inside a person are increased.

It is due to the high cost of the gemstone that is cut in a particular manner. They are normally cut in to three shapes that are pear and oval shapes. It is the color of a Paraiba is the most important factor to determine its worth and not its size. Rectangle is the preferred shape for most of the modern jewelries that are made. It all depends upon the gem cutter as the type of shape he wants to give to the gemstone. In order to darken its color, the stone can be cut in a perpendicular shape also. On the other hand, to give it a light color it is cut parallel to the length of the crystal.

Some Paraiba Stones are too much dark colored in nature and they are not attractive in the market. For this reason the gem cutters sometimes cut it in a special way in order to make it visually appealing to the eyes of the customers. Such stones are priced much less in nature.

Many Natural Gemstones can be purchased from the website of Bestingems. It has got a variety of semi precious gemstones in its website.

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Gem and Jewelry Show: A Medium to Showcase Your Business

Gem and jewelry shows are the excellent way of providing the customer a sneak peek of latest collection. Moreover, it is an important exercise to boost the business and increase the clientage. Regular shows increase the number of loyal exhibitors, which can ultimately be cash in lucrative business deals. Buying jewelry studded with expensive gems is an exhilarating experience for everybody. International gem and jewelry shows are an awesome platform to learn about gem and jewelry, even the rare ones.  
Through the Gem Shows  someone can unearth the exquisite gems with minute details. Bestingems Inc has large collection of gemstones and beads catering the all taste and budget. Let’s dig in some of the available products:
It is precious gemstone, available in oval and trillion shape with faceted and cabs cut. It is a green color stone that can easily be used in jewelry. The price this precious stone varies as per the size. It is available in the size of 3.50 X 2.50 mm, 6.00 X 4.00 mm and 4.50 X 4.50 mm. You can buy it in the single entity as well.
Cirtine Necklace
It is a beautifully crafted necklace available with one strand. The intricate design of this jewelry piece will certainly make your dress look even better. As of now, it is available in faceted, smooth and rough cut. There are two color choices available that are golden and orange.  Aforementioned are two best color choices that can go with all skin tone.  It is available in the size of 3 – 4.5mm and 4-5mm.
Neon Apatite
It an exquisite jewelry piece available with 1 and 3 strands. It is ready to bear item originated from Brazil. It has clean eye clarity, and cut wise it is available in round and faceted. On the scale of hardness it is counted as 6. As of now, it is available in deep blue color. It is a perfect ornament that can team up with almost any dress.
You can find a large collection of coral necklace on Bestingems Inc. Embedded with red coral beads, it is a beautiful jewelry item for your precious neck. So far, it is available in faceted, rough and smooth cut, mainly in a red and pink color. This ornament got its origin from Taiwan. On the scale of hardness the product falls on 3.
It is said diamonds are girls’ best friend.  No doubt, indeed! You can find beautifully crafted diamond necklaces on Bestingems Inc. The color availability is black and white. Origin from divine country India, necklace is embedded with natural diamond and rough beads.
Rainbow Moonstone
Originated from Australia, it is an eye clean clarity stone available in round faceted cut.  Hardness wise it falls on the scale of 7. It is a perfect ornament which can be at any occasion.  It is decent piece of jewelry.
Moreover, some can also visit the Jewelry Shows  someone can explore the intricate jewelry designs. These jewelry shows held from time and again in entire country.  Well, aforementioned was just tip of the iceberg. Explore the Bestingems Inc to unearth the all items.

Gem show & Jewelry Shows represent every segment of our country that includes a loyal group of exhibitors and customers that are an invaluable part of our jewels on display business. Last year over 1 million customers walked our show floors. For our customers

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Carnelian Gemstones are an Easy Way to Bring Positive Changes in Your Life

ImageWhen it comes to energizing gemstone, Carnelian is the name that often comes to mind. The stone also signifies courage, leadership and endurance. There are many examples in history which show that this stone has proved to be quite useful to people who wanted to gain strength and have more stamina. Egyptians used to wear this stone in order to represent their rank of builder, where as alchemists used to boil this stone in order to enhance the energy of Chalcedonies.

The stone is mainly found in countries like India, Iceland, Peru and Britain. Carnelian was considered as a stone of high status and hence people who belonged to high class in the society were buried along with the stone on their side. The stone truly boosts energy inside an individual and helps him or her to re-energize. Though there are a variety of colors in which the stone is available but the most popular colors of the stone are red and orange.

Carnelian gemstone has a lot of positive properties associated with it. It is said to have a lot of properties such as healing, spiritual and color energy. We will discuss each one of them here. The stone helps to increase the supply of blood to the body and provide energy to the productive organs of the body. It is also a great stone for healing problems related to back pain, arthritis, and rheumatism. Most of the people take the help of this stone in order to prevent themselves from consuming alcohol, smoking and many such habits.

Presence of spiritual energy inside a person is quite important. A carnelian has the capability to restore faith inside an individual by bringing some spiritual changes inside the person. Few people suffer from problems such as procrastination, inability to take right decisions and many other mental problems. This stone restores the lost confidence by enriching the inner consciousness. It is able to attract all the positive rays from the planet by enabling the human body to absorb the rays.

The stone is mainly available in two colors; red and orange. Each one of them has got their own significance. Orange is considered lucky for people who do not share friendly relationships with other people. The color brings friendship, pleasure and joy. It is also said that wearing an orange colored carnelian help to reduce fear and imbibe self confidence inside a person. Red color on the other hand can help to create strong feelings inside a person.

There is a strong association between Carnelian Chakra and the balancing energies. The stone is said to control the flow of energy inside the body by stimulating the movement of two chakras that are the Sacral and Base Chakras. It helps to prevent from trauma. It is also an excellent meditation stone. It is said to bring stability inside the mind of an individual by helping the brain to focus on work.

The stone is used today in various forms of jewelry such as bracelet, rings and necklaces. It especially looks good when it is worn with stones that are light blue in color.

Leading provider of precious gemstones, Bestingems offers good quality gemstones at affordable prices. There are many gemstones for sale on the website of Bestingems. All the stones are first tested certified and are then released in the market.

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Gem Shows | Santa Monica, CA | April 05-07

Santa Monica, CA

Promoter : Intergem


Address : 1855 Main Street, Santa Monica CA 90401

Type : Wholesale & Retail

Booth No : 316

SHOW HOURS :   Friday        12:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m.
                             Saturday   10:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.
                             Sunday     11:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

Tickets : You can purchase tickets at the shows or book on-line here:http://www.bestingems.com/show_ticket.html

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Diamonds and Celebrities

DiamondsDiamond, the most admired, respected and popular gems, are a rage amongst celebrities and the lavish spenders throughout the globe. No other gem commands the glamour and attention that the diamonds receive. Traditionally, diamonds can be seen cut into diamond necklaces, diamond bracelets, diamond earrings and more. However, today diamonds adorn accessories such as watches and cell phones as well and are taking on a different appearance with the rich and the famous.

Celebrities have the persona to make whatever they wear a whole new style statement. Hence, whatever they purchase or adorn becomes popular. For example, when Jennifer Lopez was proposed by Ben Affleck with a beautiful pink diamond ring, it was admired by millions of viewers. Her engagement ring gained a lot of popularity.

When it comes to fashion and must have objects, celebrities take the stage and set the standards. There is nothing hotter in Hollywood than a newly engaged couple and you can bet as soon as a celebrity engagement ring is spotted, it will immediately gain spotlight. Not only will it become a rage on trendy fashion magazines, it will become a highlight on TV shows and news channels across the globe. And trust me, the viewers love all this.For example, the fringe actor, Joshua Jackson, gifted a white diamond necklace set in 18 carat rose gold, to his long-term girlfriend Diane Kruger. And this news hit the airways even before they could return from their trip from Monte Carlo.Celebrities have an amazing power that makes anything look intriguing. Besides, people need role models at the same time. So many fans dress up, talk, act just like their role models, hoping to be like them one day soon enough.

The power of marketing promotes celebrities’ influence. Advertising companies use the celebrity charm to reach out to the customers and expand the impact of products. Celebrity endorsements add more value to the brand because of the fan following that admires them and their style.

Movies such as Diamonds are Forever(1971), Night after Night (1932) and the most favorite of all times Titanic(1997), create a different aura and love for diamonds. Such inspiring forms of media have always influenced the common man. People dream to be like the celebrities on screen, completely awestruck and inspired by the accessories and style they flaunt. Diamonds and their connection with celebrities is long known to all.

So to get one step closer to look like the celebrity you admire the most, keep track on the jewellery designs she flaunts, imagine how gorgeous you would look it, and send that design to us. We, at Yaqsh.com, will make your beauty dreams an easy reality.

Diamonds leave you bewildered, greedy and addicted! Women want them all..because after all, as rightly said by famous celebrity, Marilyn Monroe “diamonds are a girls best friend”.