The Royalty of a Ruby Gemstone

There are various types of invisible energies that are present around us. We cannot see them with naked eyes. The metallic elements that are present inside our body are very sensitive to magnetic radiation. Just as proteins and minerals are necessary to be present in our body, in the same way the invisible energies are also required to be present as it influences our mental and physical state.

The invisible energies can be brought in to direct contact with each other only with the help of gemstones. These stones accumulate all the positive forces or the cosmic rays of the planets from the surrounding atmosphere and enable the body to absorb them. Different individuals have connection with different planets and hence they wear various gemstones.

When we talk about planets, it is the semi precious gemstones that come to our mind first. Some of the unique properties of these gemstones make them the most demanded gemstones. Ruby Gemstones is considered as the king of all the gemstones. In the ancient times, it used to represent Sun. Thye stone was regarded as a symbol of happiness, romance, prosperity and inspiration. Even warriors used this stone as a protection against any impending danger. In England, a coronation ring made up of ruby was used and till date enjoys its royal stature. In fact, Prince Andrew gifted a ruby engagement ring to her wife. Hence, it can be said that a ruby gemstone and royalty goes hand in hand.

Found primarily in Burma, which is now known as Myanmar, Ruby has been mined here since the last thousand years. Mogok is the place where rubies are found but off lately a new area known as Mong Hsu has been discovered from where majority of the red stone is being extracted. The stone in its various other colors is also found in other parts of the world. Pink or Violet Rubies are found in Sri Lanka where as unique color rubies were also found in countries like Tanzania and Kenya in the early sixties. India is also said to have some great sources of Ruby.

Ruby plays an important part in astrology. It can change the destiny of a person and can lift him or her up from a state of despair to a state of happiness. Mostly, creative people take help of the stone in order to gain fame and recognition. Persons who frequently suffer from health problems also take help of the stone in order to have a good health.  It is generally worn by a person with the astrological sign of Leo.

Handling a precious stone like Ruby is not so easy. Extreme care has to be taken while using the stone. They should always be kept in a fabric lined box and should never be kept with any other jewellery as there always remains a huge possibility of getting scratched. Once it receives scratch it loses all its properties. As far as cleaning is concerned, a Ruby should always be dipped in soapy water and cleaned with a brush. Once, the cleaning process is over it must be dried thoroughly and then kept in its place.

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