Gem and Jewelry Show: A Medium to Showcase Your Business

Gem and jewelry shows are the excellent way of providing the customer a sneak peek of latest collection. Moreover, it is an important exercise to boost the business and increase the clientage. Regular shows increase the number of loyal exhibitors, which can ultimately be cash in lucrative business deals. Buying jewelry studded with expensive gems is an exhilarating experience for everybody. International gem and jewelry shows are an awesome platform to learn about gem and jewelry, even the rare ones.  
Through the Gem Shows  someone can unearth the exquisite gems with minute details. Bestingems Inc has large collection of gemstones and beads catering the all taste and budget. Let’s dig in some of the available products:
It is precious gemstone, available in oval and trillion shape with faceted and cabs cut. It is a green color stone that can easily be used in jewelry. The price this precious stone varies as per the size. It is available in the size of 3.50 X 2.50 mm, 6.00 X 4.00 mm and 4.50 X 4.50 mm. You can buy it in the single entity as well.
Cirtine Necklace
It is a beautifully crafted necklace available with one strand. The intricate design of this jewelry piece will certainly make your dress look even better. As of now, it is available in faceted, smooth and rough cut. There are two color choices available that are golden and orange.  Aforementioned are two best color choices that can go with all skin tone.  It is available in the size of 3 – 4.5mm and 4-5mm.
Neon Apatite
It an exquisite jewelry piece available with 1 and 3 strands. It is ready to bear item originated from Brazil. It has clean eye clarity, and cut wise it is available in round and faceted. On the scale of hardness it is counted as 6. As of now, it is available in deep blue color. It is a perfect ornament that can team up with almost any dress.
You can find a large collection of coral necklace on Bestingems Inc. Embedded with red coral beads, it is a beautiful jewelry item for your precious neck. So far, it is available in faceted, rough and smooth cut, mainly in a red and pink color. This ornament got its origin from Taiwan. On the scale of hardness the product falls on 3.
It is said diamonds are girls’ best friend.  No doubt, indeed! You can find beautifully crafted diamond necklaces on Bestingems Inc. The color availability is black and white. Origin from divine country India, necklace is embedded with natural diamond and rough beads.
Rainbow Moonstone
Originated from Australia, it is an eye clean clarity stone available in round faceted cut.  Hardness wise it falls on the scale of 7. It is a perfect ornament which can be at any occasion.  It is decent piece of jewelry.
Moreover, some can also visit the Jewelry Shows  someone can explore the intricate jewelry designs. These jewelry shows held from time and again in entire country.  Well, aforementioned was just tip of the iceberg. Explore the Bestingems Inc to unearth the all items.

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Carnelian Gemstones are an Easy Way to Bring Positive Changes in Your Life

ImageWhen it comes to energizing gemstone, Carnelian is the name that often comes to mind. The stone also signifies courage, leadership and endurance. There are many examples in history which show that this stone has proved to be quite useful to people who wanted to gain strength and have more stamina. Egyptians used to wear this stone in order to represent their rank of builder, where as alchemists used to boil this stone in order to enhance the energy of Chalcedonies.

The stone is mainly found in countries like India, Iceland, Peru and Britain. Carnelian was considered as a stone of high status and hence people who belonged to high class in the society were buried along with the stone on their side. The stone truly boosts energy inside an individual and helps him or her to re-energize. Though there are a variety of colors in which the stone is available but the most popular colors of the stone are red and orange.

Carnelian gemstone has a lot of positive properties associated with it. It is said to have a lot of properties such as healing, spiritual and color energy. We will discuss each one of them here. The stone helps to increase the supply of blood to the body and provide energy to the productive organs of the body. It is also a great stone for healing problems related to back pain, arthritis, and rheumatism. Most of the people take the help of this stone in order to prevent themselves from consuming alcohol, smoking and many such habits.

Presence of spiritual energy inside a person is quite important. A carnelian has the capability to restore faith inside an individual by bringing some spiritual changes inside the person. Few people suffer from problems such as procrastination, inability to take right decisions and many other mental problems. This stone restores the lost confidence by enriching the inner consciousness. It is able to attract all the positive rays from the planet by enabling the human body to absorb the rays.

The stone is mainly available in two colors; red and orange. Each one of them has got their own significance. Orange is considered lucky for people who do not share friendly relationships with other people. The color brings friendship, pleasure and joy. It is also said that wearing an orange colored carnelian help to reduce fear and imbibe self confidence inside a person. Red color on the other hand can help to create strong feelings inside a person.

There is a strong association between Carnelian Chakra and the balancing energies. The stone is said to control the flow of energy inside the body by stimulating the movement of two chakras that are the Sacral and Base Chakras. It helps to prevent from trauma. It is also an excellent meditation stone. It is said to bring stability inside the mind of an individual by helping the brain to focus on work.

The stone is used today in various forms of jewelry such as bracelet, rings and necklaces. It especially looks good when it is worn with stones that are light blue in color.

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Mystic Topaz- A Semi Precious Gemstone With a Radiant Look

Mystic TopazThough Gemstones are worn for accentuating the beauty but they should always be worn after consulting an astrologer or a person who has a very good knowledge about gemstones. All stones do not suit the body type of certain individuals. They may attract negative forces sometimes. It all depends upon the birth chart of a person as far as wearing the stones are concerned.

All gems have a strong association with the planets of the earth. At the time of birth, these planets start working and continue till the last day of our lives. Not every planet bring positive effects in our lives, some of them also draws negative forces. A gemstone attracts rays from the planet and hence influences the body of an individual. Some of them even bring good luck and positive changes inside the personality of a person. They are to be worn in a right way that is in the right finger and on the right day.

Mystic Topaz, the rainbow colored gemstone is quite an attractive stone. The different shades of color in the gemstone emit sparkling rays thus creating a wonderful effect. The name of the stone is derived from an island named Topazos which is situated near the Red Sea. The stone is mostly found in the countries of Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Mexico and Myanmar. Brazil is one such country where majority of the stone can be found. In the ancient ages, the Greeks believed that this tone had the ability to increase strength of an individual and hence used to wear this stone. The Egyptians on the other hand, used to believe that this stone was a protector against all the evils and hence used to wear it to protect them against any kind of harm.

Since, the stone is not found in its natural form, a natural topaz is coated either with some similar metal or a thin layer of titanium oxide. The purpose of applying the coating is that it changes the natural color of the stone and creates an array of various colors that in turn produces the rainbow effect. It is then heated at a certain temperature, in order to give it the desired look. Though the mystic topaz is an artificially enhanced stone, but it gives the stone a very contemporary look.

Though the price of the gemstone is escalating at a rapid rate but the demand for the stone has not gone down. People in all countries of the world are purchasing this stone. But before purchasing a mystic topaz one should always be cautious about the price that is charged. Price of a topaz varies according to the carat size. The larger the size of the stone, the higher will be the price of the stone.

Since, Mystic Topaz is an important semi precious gemstone, one has to take care of it or else the stone might stop working. A simple wash in a mixture of water and mild soap is just the way to keep the stone working for a long time. Once the stone is cleaned properly, it should be dried with a clean towel.

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The Royalty of a Ruby Gemstone

There are various types of invisible energies that are present around us. We cannot see them with naked eyes. The metallic elements that are present inside our body are very sensitive to magnetic radiation. Just as proteins and minerals are necessary to be present in our body, in the same way the invisible energies are also required to be present as it influences our mental and physical state.

The invisible energies can be brought in to direct contact with each other only with the help of gemstones. These stones accumulate all the positive forces or the cosmic rays of the planets from the surrounding atmosphere and enable the body to absorb them. Different individuals have connection with different planets and hence they wear various gemstones.

When we talk about planets, it is the semi precious gemstones that come to our mind first. Some of the unique properties of these gemstones make them the most demanded gemstones. Ruby Gemstones is considered as the king of all the gemstones. In the ancient times, it used to represent Sun. Thye stone was regarded as a symbol of happiness, romance, prosperity and inspiration. Even warriors used this stone as a protection against any impending danger. In England, a coronation ring made up of ruby was used and till date enjoys its royal stature. In fact, Prince Andrew gifted a ruby engagement ring to her wife. Hence, it can be said that a ruby gemstone and royalty goes hand in hand.

Found primarily in Burma, which is now known as Myanmar, Ruby has been mined here since the last thousand years. Mogok is the place where rubies are found but off lately a new area known as Mong Hsu has been discovered from where majority of the red stone is being extracted. The stone in its various other colors is also found in other parts of the world. Pink or Violet Rubies are found in Sri Lanka where as unique color rubies were also found in countries like Tanzania and Kenya in the early sixties. India is also said to have some great sources of Ruby.

Ruby plays an important part in astrology. It can change the destiny of a person and can lift him or her up from a state of despair to a state of happiness. Mostly, creative people take help of the stone in order to gain fame and recognition. Persons who frequently suffer from health problems also take help of the stone in order to have a good health.  It is generally worn by a person with the astrological sign of Leo.

Handling a precious stone like Ruby is not so easy. Extreme care has to be taken while using the stone. They should always be kept in a fabric lined box and should never be kept with any other jewellery as there always remains a huge possibility of getting scratched. Once it receives scratch it loses all its properties. As far as cleaning is concerned, a Ruby should always be dipped in soapy water and cleaned with a brush. Once, the cleaning process is over it must be dried thoroughly and then kept in its place.

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The Numerous Benefits of A Topaz Gemstone

A Gemstone is normally associated with its beauty that is defined by the sparkling color it radiates. Since ages, it has been raising the beauty of a woman by making her a substance of admiration. They are precious in a human being’s life and can bring many changes. Apart from beauty, gemstones have the strange ability of changing the destiny of a person.

Time and again, astrologers have admitted the fact that gemstones have got some magical powers with the help of which they can bring positive changes in life. They are worn by persons of different astrological signs. All gemstones have a relation with one planet or the other. It is said that wearing them influences the movement of planet and that is how a gemstone brings changes. One of the most important benefits of wearing gemstones is that they always help to drive away negative forces.

Topaz Gemstones are produced in California, USA mainly but it is available in almost all the countries of the world like Brazil, Sri Lanka, China, Australia, Russia and Japan. Imperial Topaz is found from the mines of Capao and Vermelhao, which are located in Brazil. In the ancient ages, Egyptians used to believe that the stone used to get its color from the rays of the sun.

Topaz gemstones are available in numerous colors like white, blue and yellow. Among all of them, the most popular color is white. A white gemstone can be enhanced artificially in order to improve its texture, color as well as quality. Due to its magnificent color, it has attracted the eyes of many jewelry designers. Nigeria, Brazil and Sri Lanka are the top sellers of white topaz in the world.

There are two types of benefits that one can get from Topaz. One is medical and the other being astrological. It is used by people suffering from health problems such as indigestion, haemorrhage, blood disorders and eye sight problem. In the olden ages the stone was used to determine that whether food contained any poison or not. Moreover, the stone to persons so that they can get instant relief from the pain of arthritis, gall bladder stone and rheumatism.

The astrological benefits of the stone are also immense. It provides benefits to both men and women. It develops the brain of a man there by making him intelligent; where as it makes a woman happy. It also develops the thinking power of an individual and thereby helps him or her to make more logical decisions in life. The stone helps an individual to control his or her angers and also reduce fears. People suffering from a particular phobia are often recommended to wear a Topaz.

As mentioned earlier, the effect of a Topaz depends upon the color of the stone. A golden color Topaz can bring energy, a blue can heal throat problem where as a clear topaz helps to heal the soul of an individual.

It might not be possible to change the destiny of an individual with a gemstone, but they can be used by a person to improve the current status of life.

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