Sapphire Gemstones are One of The Most Precious Gemstones

We often hear the quote “you are one gem of a person” referred to a person with a magnanimous personality. The reason for using the word gem has a specific reason behind it. A Gemstone is often considered precious and priceless. Precious, because it is really difficult to find and priceless as it’s true worth cannot be measured by money. In the same way the word gem of a person is used to describe such a personality who is rarely found in today’s world.

From the time immemorial, gemstones have been used for adorning the beauty of an individually. In the ancient ages they were worn by both kings and queens and today they are worn by woman. Times have changed, but the gemstone has not lost its charm. It continues to adore the beauty of a woman in the same way as it used to do in the past.

Among the numerous gemstones that are available in the market today one of them are the Sapphire Gemstones. It is one of the most popularly used stones that are used in the jewellery in order to make it look good. Though, the gemstone is available in numerous colors such as Yellow, Pink, White, Green and Black but Blue color is one of the most preferred colors. Other colors such as orange and pink are also gaining popularity. On the other hand, synthetic sapphire is mostly used as a substitute for the gemstone when it is not available in abundance quantity.

The gemstone has a wide spread usage and is used in all forms of jewellery such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings.  One can mainly see its usage in rings and pendants where it is embedded in the centerpiece of the ornament. When used as a secondary stone with Diamond, the gemstone looks fabulous.

The stone is famous for its blue color and hence every effort is being made to give it a shining and lustrous appearance. Normally, the stone is heated to a certain temperature in order to give it the desired look.  It is the responsibility of seller to disclose to the buyer if the sapphire has been artificially treated or not. Apart from heating, these stones are sometimes also undergo a diffusion treatment. Here, the color of the stone is altered artificially. Mostly, those sapphires that are bright orange, orange –red, deep blue or bright yellow in color undergo such type of treatments.

Sapphire Gemstones are also largely responsible for the growth in the exports of Sri Lanka. They constitute about 85 percent of the country’s gem export. In the year 2012, the country is said to have exported 330,000 carats of blue sapphires worth $53.2 million. This is also because of the fact that Sri Lanka is one of the major sources for Sapphire Gemstone.

Before purchasing a sapphire you should always judge the originality of the stone. This can be done by looking at the stone with the help of a magnifying glass. If no inclusions are spotted inside it, then you can be sure that it is not a natural stone.

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