All You Want to Know About Semi Precious Stones

Jewellery are one such item on which woman would love to spend money and why not as they make a woman look gorgeous. But sometimes it becomes a bit expensive to invest money as their cost sometimes rise. In this situation it is the semi precious gemstones that come to the rescue. These stones not only cost less but are also a perfect way to bring the look of bling jewellery. They can be worn in all occasions like marriage, in office or in a party.

Most of us only know about the five types of precious stones that are found. But we do not enquire about the semi precious stones. So, let us know about them in brief. Currently, there are 130 types of semi precious stones that are mainly found. It includes crystals and minerals such as amethyst, topaz, turquoise, jade and much more. The speciality of the stones is that they can be worn with all kinds of dresses irrespective of their colour and shape. Hence, women prefer to purchase them.

As far as the popularity of the gemstones are concerned, among all the semi precious stones, Blue Topaz is one of the most demanding one in the market. The stone finds its usage in a wide range of ornamental products such as bracelets, necklaces and rings. When the stone comes in contact with light it emits bright colours. The stone is mainly worn by people who are in the creative field such as artists, painters and singers, as it is believed that the stone increases the creative potential of an individual. Moreover, many astrologists also recommend this stone to the people suffering from depression and stress.

Citrine is yet another semi precious gemstone that is mostly in demand in the market. In some of the cultures the stone is believed to bring good luck to the people. The stone is yellow in colour and is in huge demand from the jewellery designers all around the world. Apart from the good health effects, the stone is also believed to bring wealth in a person’s life. The best to identify a fake Citrine is to see that whether the stone is starting to change its colour to either orange or reddish. It means that the stone has been produced through artificial methods.

Due to the increasing popularity and growing demand of these stones the sellers of these semi precious stones are trying their best to sell the authentic gemstone. Moreover, one can also purchase these stones online but it is always better to purchase them from a local jewellery dealer.  It is always better to have a good knowledge about the particular semi precious stone which you want to purchase as the traders can sometimes give you the fake stone also. Another option where one can get good quality semi precious gemstone is gem shows where jewellers from around the world gather and present the jewelleries.

The last and the most important thing is cleaning. The semi precious stones are to be cleaned very carefully. No chemicals should be used to clean them. Using a soft cloth or even a tooth brush can be used to clean the stone.

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Different Kinds of precious and semi precious gemstones

Gemstones are something that is pure and natural. They are extracted from the surface of the earth and are then modified or cut in to precision before they finally come to the market. Since, the time of their origin these stones have been a favourite for women. In the pre historic or ancient times even kings used to wear it as they used to believe that these stones had some supernatural powers attached to it. But with the passage of time, the stones have found their way in jewellery showrooms and in the hearts of women off course.

After their discovery, the gemstones were classified in to two categories. They are precious and semi precious gemstones. If you are an ardent lover of gemstones then you must know the difference between these stones. Few stones on this earth are very rare on the earth. They can hardly be found and are hence considered as precious. There are only four such stones that are termed as precious on the earth. They are Diamonds, Emeralds, Sapphires and Rubies. Today, with the development of technology these stones can be grown even in laboratories, but they do not have the same properties like the ones that are found naturally or extracted from the earth.

Let us know about each of the precious stones in brief detail. Starting with Diamond, it is no doubt that it is one of the most expensive gemstone and certainly a women’s lover. This stone is basically a carbon in its crystallised form. The name Diamond is derived from a Greek word which means unbreakable. When it is cut in to proper shape it produces a sparkling colour. The next member in the family of precious gemstones is Emerald. The stone is green in colour. It is mainly worn by people suffering from problem like kidney, liver and adrenalin glands.

Ruby is yet another stone which is of high quality and is valuable more than the diamonds. It is one of the rarest coloured gemstones found on earth. Red coloured rubies are one of the most valuable gemstones. They are also known as Manek.  Lastly, Sapphire, a blue coloured gemstone are one of the most expensive gemstones that are found. There are basically two kinds of sapphires; Natural Sapphire and Synthetic Sapphire. Natural Sapphires are mainly found in gray and black colour where as synthetic sapphire does not have a specific colour. It changes according to the type of stone.

Semi precious stones on the other hand are of numerous types. These are mainly used for making fashionable jewellery as well as ornamental objects. Like the precious stones these stones have also got many properties. All the stones are heated to a certain temperature in order to enhance their colour. They are worn in many forms such as necklaces and rings. One of the most important properties of the semi precious stones are that they can be worn with any type of dresses either ethnic or modern wear.

Price of the gemstones depends on the basis of its existence. Stones that are rarely found are costly. However, some other important factors such as color, clarity and carats also are also some other important factors that is responsible for deciding the price of a gemstone.

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