Take Care of Your Ruby Gemstone For a Long Lasting Impact

Ruby Gemstone
is a mixture of oxygen, iron, chromium and aluminum. The stone is available from pink to blood red. It is the presence of the mineral chromium that gives the gemstone its colour. It is mainly made up of aluminum oxide. This stone represents the planet Sun and hence people with strong sun can wear this stone. It is also regarded as the king of all gemstones. In Hindi it is known as Manik. Some of the best quality Ruby Stones comes from Burma. These stones are also known as Burmese Ruby. Some other countries where Ruby can be found are Thailand and Sri Lanka.

Wearing this gemstone can not only bring changes in an individual’s life but also improves many health ailments. The stone can drive away all the sadness and reduce the impact of evil spirits in one’s life. Most of the astrologers hence recommend its use. The fading away of the stone’s colour is a proof of the fact that it is working; as soon as the bad phase of an individual’s life is over the stone regains its lustrous appeal. Its affects are different on man and woman. It is worn by men as a sign of nobility and manhood where as women wear it to signify passion and power.

The cut of a Ruby Jewellery makes it one of the most prized possessions among the jewellery lovers. In the ancient times, they were used by warriors in their armors to protect themselves from any injuries. The stone can be worn in the form of rings in order to get more benefits from the stone. However, one can also wear it in the form of bracelets or stone pendants. Most of the women go for the gold or silver Ruby rings. Well, there are some basic rules that are required to be followed before wearing Ruby. The ring should be dipped in to fresh milk and mixed with Ganga water on Saturday night. In order to get the best results one can pray to the sun god by donating red cloth and some other items such as cooper, wheat and money.

In order to take good care of your Ruby, one must clean with warm and soapy water. Strong detergents should never be used and forceful scrubbing can reduce the value of the gemstone. A ruby gemstone can be identified by the following ways:

The gemstone should always be heavy.

Its colour will be that of red rose.

It should emit a red hue of light when placed inside a vessel or glass.

On dipping the gemstone in the milk of a cow, the milk will turn pink on colour.

Placing pearl or ruby in a silver plate in front of sunlight the plate will turn black in colour.

Before purchasing a Ruby, the buyer must consult with the local dealer, check the authenticity of the stone and then purchase it. He or she should also verify that the seller of the stone is a certified gemstone seller.