Shield yourself with Garnet Gemstone

ImageThe word Garnet means a combination of many minerals like uvarovite, andradite, grossular, spessartine, pyrope and almandine. This gemstone has been in use since the Bronze Age civilization. This unique gemstone is available in a variety of forms and colours. However, the most popular of them is the deep red stone. There are two types of Garnet Gemstones that are mostly being used. They are the Almandine and Pyrope. Africa is the largest supplier of Garnet in the world. One of the interesting characteristics of this gemstone is that its changes when viewed in different type of lightning. The colours can be of different types such as brown, orange, pink and light red.

A garnet has got a lot of healing properties attached to it and can also change the luck of an individual person. It is believed that putting three or more garnets in the desk can improve the business. Putting it under a pillow can help to reduce depression. When worn as jewellery, it can increase the popularity of a person. Most of the people also wear this stone before any trip to make their journey safe and wonderful. As far as the impact of the stone on the body is concerned it proves to be really beneficial. It helps an individual to get rid of thyroid. While doing past life regression this stone is either put in the hand or is placed over the head of the person who is undergoing the regression therapy. This stone signifies love and also increases the spiritual awareness of an individual.

An interesting fact about the Garnet gemstones is that they are also known as the warrior’s stone. In the ancient ages, soldiers use to carry this gem with them in order to protect them from death and injury. It is also said that the stone use to bring victory and peace. There is another piece of historical event related to this gemstone. When God decided to destroy the world, patriarch Noah used this stone to move through the darkness of the night. It was believed that moving with a garnet stone while travelling helped to keep the evil forces away and use to emit light from it.

When given in the form of gift, Garnet is said to express loyalty and affection. When a garnet loses its lustre it is said to be a sign of an approaching danger in the near future. You will be amazed to know that when a garnet is stolen it is a bad sign for the thief and is said to remain with him or her until and unless it is returned to the owner. The stone can be worn in the form of necklaces, earrings bracelets and rings. The colour of this stone never changes and it always retains its natural colour. The stone is used as a substitute for silica and is used in sand blasting.

Garnet is a very delicate gemstone and hence it should be taken utmost care while handling it. It is to be cleaned warm soapy water and a soft brush. The user has to make it sure that the stone is rinsed properly after washing. Moreover, exposure of the stone to harsh chemicals and temperatures can destroy it. The price of the gemstone depends upon its quality, size and the variety. It is available with the local dealers as well on many online shopping websites also. However, it is recommended that one should always purchase it from a trusted local dealer.


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