Discover The Plethora Of Benefits Of The Aquamarine Stone

The name Aquamarine comes from the Latin word ‘aqua’ and ‘marina’ that means water and sea respectively. It is a bluish green colored stone that was earlier used by the sailors in order to protect themselves from any impending danger or uncertain event while on their sea voyage. It is also known as the stone of courage. The stone is mainly found in Brazil and Columbia. According to an ancient legend, the stone was first found in the treasure chests of mermaids. The colour of the stone varies from greenish blue to blur green. Most of the people born in the month of March can use this stone. Like any other gemstone, this stone is also formed in the crater of rocks.

The Aquamarine Stone is said to improve the blood circulation and mental awareness in an individual. When it is worn on the body either in the form of ring or necklaces it helps in increasing the concentration. It is also acts as a healing stone for various glands such as eye, stomach, liver and throat. Any one suffering from throat ailments like Throat pain or chronic tonsillitis can use this stone to relieve himself or herself from the pain. One can gain self confidence after wearing this stone and can very easily overcome or deal with emotions. Some people who suffer from water or sea sickness can overcome their fear by wearing this stone. It is used to deal with both psychological and spiritual disturbances. It is mostly used by the artsians or by anyone in the creative field as the stone can increase the creativity of a person thereby reducing anxiety and emotional stress. One interesting fact about this gemstone is that it can be submerged in water; this water, when splashed over eyes removes away all the tiredness and any type of eye problem.

It is very easy to identify this gemstone. Normally, one can easily identify it with its sea blue colour. They are hard and give the shine like a glass. In comparison to any other gemstone this stone has excellent clarity and an intensifying colour. The presence of trace elements of iron and six sided crystallised structure can help this stone to distinguish itself from all the other blue green stones.

An Aquamarine stone can be cut in to various sizes. It can either be faceted or carbochon. The Emerald is one of the most favoured cut. The gemstone looks beautiful and gives out radiating sparkles when cut in to long rectangular shapes. The skilled gem cutters can give any shape to the gemstone thus making it look beautiful. However, the most popular cuts are cushion, round, pear and oval. It is very difficult to find large sized aquamarine gemstones. This unique gemstone is heated at very high temperatures in order to enhance the colour. Heating it a low temperature reduces the yellowish and green tones. Though the prices of the gemstones are comparatively lower than Sapphires, Rubies, or Emeralds but it may also vary according to the depth of the colour. Buyers should be very careful before purchasing an Aquamarine as some stone traders in the name of giving an Aquamarine give Topaz.


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