How The New Discoveries of GemStones Effect Their Prices

Somaliland has of latest added a discovery of gems to its credit. Abundant quantities of precious gems such as Sapphire, ruby and emerald have been found in metamorphic rocks that hold nodules of ruby and sapphire. It was initially thought that the local villagers used primitive tools to dig out these gems from graves and sell to local dealers. That is when the Eu European Union was approached and a qualified geologist was invited to get to the roots of the episode. Somaliland is part of the Mozambique belt which was shared by India, Srilanka, Tanzania and Madagascar. This belt is a gem producing belt and all these countries have been known to have reserves of these precious Gems. Somaliland has only recently joined this category. The extraction of these costly stones was at first in a primitive style. But know the mining is done using modern and efficient methods.

Emeralds are found in two areas of this country. The Emerald deposits occur due to the contact of two types of rocks. One the large pegmatite granite and the other is the softer black schist. The aquamarine crystal found in this area is quite large. Crystals up to one meter long have been found in this area, but along with a lot of cracks. The villagers thought that the cracks might have been the result of their primitive method of digging with the hammer and chisel. But the cracks very already present in the crystals before the digging process.

The most abundant mineral found in Somalia is the garnet. Garnets of all sizes and colors have been found here, red, orange and almandine. These stones match the same characteristics of the Kenyan Tsavorite garnets.  Whatever the result of this new discovery is… all that is to be known is that the availability of these beautiful, lustrous gems could perhaps make the prices of these gems a little more in reach.



How New Discoveries of Gem Stones Effect Their Prices

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