A Burmese Ruby Can Change Your Destiny

Burmese Ruby Burmese Ruby is a red colored gemstone and is the most expensive per carat gems in the world. The discovery of this gem dates back to more than 800 years in Mogok , a place in Burma where the first Burmese Ruby was discovered. It is a  blood red colored gem. The name Ruby is derived from Latin word ruber which means red. Well, the color red is mainly due to the presence of Corundum, a crystalline form of aluminium oxide. In the ancient period this gemstone was used in the turbans of Indian Kings.  The most popular color of this gemstone is the “Pigeon Blood Red” color which is a perfect combination of deep red and slightly bluish hue.

Burmese Ruby is regarded as a healing gemstone that can cure diseases like, fever, peptic ulcer, rheutism, gout, boils, insomnia and itching. It is considered as a lucky stone for people born in the month of July. The weight of the stone should not be more than two carats and can be worn either in the form of a pendant or a ring. This red gemstone not only comes from Burma but also from other countries such as India, Tanzania, Madagascar, Russia, Cambodia, Kenya, Mexico, Afghanistan, Pakistan and North Carolina, U.S.A.

A ruby is made to look more beautiful by an expert stone cutter. He gives the gemstone  a more precise look that not only makes it look beautiful but also gives the gem a sparkling dazzle without losing much weight in the process of doing so. It is very rare when rubies grow into big crystals. It can be embedded in rings, necklaces and in many ornaments that accentuates the look of an individual. Price of the Burmese Ruby depends upon the color and the cut. Most of the rubies are heated at a temperature of around 1800 °C so that the color is improved, purple tinges are removed along with the blue patches. Lead glass filling is another treatment that is used. In this process, the fractures inside a ruby stone is filled up as a result of which the transparency of the stone improves drastically.

Normally, the nature of a ruby is hard and durable. However, they should not be used while doing some rough work or while using some rough chemicals. If the ruby is used properly then it can be used for a long time. It can be cleaned either through soapy water and a brush or with the help  a commercial jewelry cleanser. One can purchase the Burmese Ruby stone from the nearest jewelry shop or can also order it online. But before purchasing it one must confirm that it is genuine and is certified.

Since the year 2010, the per carat price of Burmese Ruby has shot up with a significant drop in the demand of the gemstone.  Myanmar recently opened it’s gate to trade and investment but that did not have any impact on the red gemstone as it still remains one of the gloomiest sectors of the economy. Import of ruby was banned by the US government.

Source : http://www.articlesbase.com/jewelry-articles/a-burmese-ruby-can-change-your-destiny-6665857.html


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