For women Precious Gemstones are an Achilles’ heel

The sparkle of a gem leaves a twinkle in every one’s Eyes. These minerals whether polished or unfinished possess the power of elucidation. No wonder the best way to a woman’s heart is by gifting her these priceless minerals.  Precious gemstones are valued on the basis of their rarity. Expensive gems have fewer inclusions and stronger colors. It’s interesting to know that in the olden days the amethyst was considered a cardinal gemstone. But in the 19 th Century a large source of this gem was found in Brazil. This increased the accessibility of the stone and the prices dropped drastically. The most famous Gemstones are the Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. The word Ruby comes from the Latin word “rubens” which means Red.  Ruby, or corundum, is known to be formed as result of two continents colliding according to the Geologists. This band across central Asia’s peeks is the main source of Rubies. The tallest mountains on Earth, the Himalayas are a result from continent-continent collisions and create the heat and pressure necessary for ruby to form. Rubies have been deemed as the most valuable gemstones throughout the history. They are the emissary of passion and blood as their color depicts. The stone emulates passion and fire within. There is an old saying that the Earth was believed to be seated on the Giant Sapphire. Sapphires are supposed to represent sincerity and stability. The kings where known to wear this stone around their neck to appeal to the divine and to protect themselves from envy. Let us talk about Emeralds now… These wonderful green minerals are a symbol of harmony. The green color portrays the essence of life and nature. The Holy scriptures of India regard the Emeralds as an auspicious gem of Good luck and prosperity.  They are an emblem of kindness and purity.


2 thoughts on “For women Precious Gemstones are an Achilles’ heel

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