A Guide To Buying Precious Stones Online

Due to their expensive nature, many people tend to take their time when buying jewelry. However, most of them are somewhat hesitant to try out online stores. Such skepticism denies the customer a chance to save a significant amount of money and time in the purchasing process.

One advantage of purchasing gemstones online is better prices. Over the past few years, the prices of diamonds, gold and other precious commodities have risen sharply. Some may thus find it difficult to find a jewelry piece within their budget. A cheaper alternative would be to purchase loose gemstones over the web. Here, you can find a designer who will offer you an exclusive ornament embedded with your preferred stone.

There’s also less chance of being duped. When purchasing pre-designed pieces, it may be difficult to determine the quality of stones used. Most conventional jewelers set precious stones in a way that makes it difficult for an ordinary buyer to spot imperfections. To avert such cases, opt for loose gemstones. Their shape, color and carat size can easily be determined.

One also has freedom of choice. In conventional jewelry shops, one is presented with only a few options. This means that you’ll be unlikely to get the piece that you desire. With loose gemstones however, one can buy any piece of their choice in their preferred shape. It’s also easy to choose a setting and get the design ready.

The internet is the best place to purchase loose gemstones. Here, you can find various pieces at both wholesale and retail prices. One of the main challenges when buying online is to find a reputable dealer. If the piece you’re looking for is meant for a special occasion, you definitely want the best quality possible. In such a case, look for dealers who are oriented to quality rather than price.

You should also consider the experience of a dealer. Vendors who have been in business for long stand a better chance of providing good quality gems. This is because jewelry pieces are scarce and their demand is high. As such, only experienced dealers are able to source the best gems.

The dealer should also provide gem certification from recognized gemological labs, including statements of origin. These are essential in establishing the authenticity of precious stones. An online gemstones shop should also provide a reasonable return policy. Look for dealers who are inclined to satisfy their customers. A vendor should recognize your right to evaluate stones and return them if they don’t meet your requirements.

Best In Gems, Inc. features a collection of natural gemstones from around the world since March 1999. Our goal is not only to provide gemstones for sale, but also educate and update the buyer about the quality and characteristics of the gemstones. Buying from Best In Gems, Inc. is just not a transaction of gemstones; it is a commitment. Commitment of RELIABILITY, commitment of SERVICE and commitment of DEPENDABILITY.


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