Natural Gemstones – How To Choose

Precious GemstonesThere is an extensive market related to gemstones and jewellery  This industry incorporates the involvement of a large number of people with various acumen. Whereas, a few are engaged with processing functions, others are occupied with sales and marketing. Altogether, there are jobs in different verticals. The industry is worth million dollars with several negative and positive aspects. The positive aspect includes the easy availability of jewellery items that you can like. High pricing with, and various opportunities for cheating   ( especially for the laymen) could be counted as negative points.Natural Gemstones
It is a common practice to charge much higher price than the actual market value of jewellery items. It is a quite tough to assure whether or not you are paying the appropriate price range. Usually, consumers are not expert, and most of the time they rely on others in order to make sure that they are paying the right amount for the desired jewellery piece. Well, there are certain guidelines, which everybody needs to be learned in order to attain a basic knowledge on the subject:
First and foremost, gemstones are divided into four categories. In fact, the pricing of the gemstone depends upon the category in which it falls:
Natural Stones
As the name suggests, the natural form is abstained from any sort of hardcore processing. Only processing is carried out for cutting and polishing. As they are procured in the natural form, so they are available with few impurities.
Genuine Gemstones
This form is alike to natural stones, besides it contains extreme process of polishing and cutting. The form of stone is gone through chemical treatments in order to enhance the looks and durability. However, chemical treatments which can change the entire formation of the stone is not accepted. Following is a list of treatments which is accepted widely:
Heat treatment
Heat treatment is very common and accepted quite widely. The changes occur through heat treatment are quite permanent, and applies on whole stone not just on the surface.
Diffusion treatment and Facture filling
Usually, this method does not change the stone, but the surface portion. This treatment is not accepted until the price of the stone reflects the lesser value.
Synthetic Gemstones
This form of the gemstone is produced in a laboratory. It is a much cheaper option as compared to genuine and natural stones. Although, they have the same characteristics as natural stones, and it is tough to differentiate between the two.
Imitation Gemstones
These are built on simple crystal structures. Basically, it is carried out to enhance the colour  It is alike to real gemstone, but certainly not the real one. This form of gemstones can be procured from any material including glass and plastics. Although, you can find high quality stone as well made through this way, but it is a lesser quality stone as compared to natural stones.


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