Diamonds and Celebrities

DiamondsDiamond, the most admired, respected and popular gems, are a rage amongst celebrities and the lavish spenders throughout the globe. No other gem commands the glamour and attention that the diamonds receive. Traditionally, diamonds can be seen cut into diamond necklaces, diamond bracelets, diamond earrings and more. However, today diamonds adorn accessories such as watches and cell phones as well and are taking on a different appearance with the rich and the famous.

Celebrities have the persona to make whatever they wear a whole new style statement. Hence, whatever they purchase or adorn becomes popular. For example, when Jennifer Lopez was proposed by Ben Affleck with a beautiful pink diamond ring, it was admired by millions of viewers. Her engagement ring gained a lot of popularity.

When it comes to fashion and must have objects, celebrities take the stage and set the standards. There is nothing hotter in Hollywood than a newly engaged couple and you can bet as soon as a celebrity engagement ring is spotted, it will immediately gain spotlight. Not only will it become a rage on trendy fashion magazines, it will become a highlight on TV shows and news channels across the globe. And trust me, the viewers love all this.For example, the fringe actor, Joshua Jackson, gifted a white diamond necklace set in 18 carat rose gold, to his long-term girlfriend Diane Kruger. And this news hit the airways even before they could return from their trip from Monte Carlo.Celebrities have an amazing power that makes anything look intriguing. Besides, people need role models at the same time. So many fans dress up, talk, act just like their role models, hoping to be like them one day soon enough.

The power of marketing promotes celebrities’ influence. Advertising companies use the celebrity charm to reach out to the customers and expand the impact of products. Celebrity endorsements add more value to the brand because of the fan following that admires them and their style.

Movies such as Diamonds are Forever(1971), Night after Night (1932) and the most favorite of all times Titanic(1997), create a different aura and love for diamonds. Such inspiring forms of media have always influenced the common man. People dream to be like the celebrities on screen, completely awestruck and inspired by the accessories and style they flaunt. Diamonds and their connection with celebrities is long known to all.

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Diamonds leave you bewildered, greedy and addicted! Women want them all..because after all, as rightly said by famous celebrity, Marilyn Monroe “diamonds are a girls best friend”.