The Meanings of Different Gemstones

For a mankind gemstone has always been a piece of attraction. Other than being beautiful it appeal people with its vagueness, its colors, properties that is well described and captivating. Gemstones are precious as well as semi-precious. Precious gem stones are classified under this category cause of their uniqueness, value or traditional significance. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires are precious gemstones whereas all the others are considered semi-precious.

There was a time when the term gemstones were only used by the rich and famous whose jewelry were seen engraved with one of the precious stones. At the present time these precious stones are adorned in the museums, treasure vaults, and are bought and utilized for jewelry. There are also most popular star stones, which is worn according to the birth sign and it offer protection against evil, and preserves good health.

Since gemstones are most often used in jewelry, it is useful to know something about it so that you can judge whether it is a natural stone or just a fake piece. If you are not sure about the quality of a particular stone it is better to be well informed about a real gem before hand.  You should know that gemstones are minerals crystals  that is used to make jewelry by cutting and polishing. Some of them are very valuable and its value fluctuates based on their demand.

Before buying a stone it is very important to build a trust on a person from whom you buy it. There are many highly regarded dealers in the market but there also are some dishonest dealers who are looking for making large amounts of money by corruption. In such case it is important to get an idea about the original ones before you purchase. It is very important that you feel the stone before buying it cause if it has a rough texture or seems delicate, it is not a gemstone.

 Smooth stones and a stone with hard texture is the sign of originality. Before purchasing it you can also do a self examine with a magnifying glass. See minutely if it has has been altered, dyed to modify it or to make it look more appealing. In case of colored stone you should be much aware with various facts. Sapphires can be colored as well as colorless, diamonds can be blue, yellow and green. This is to tell you that color is not the most prominent factor in determining a real gemstone, but it can affect the value of the stone.

Purchasing a Gemstone can sometimes be a little hectic as half of the time you must be worried about its authenticity. Finding the right one can be pretty threatening. Before you make your purchase, ask various questions from your jeweler. Asking the right questions from your jeweler is the best key to purchase a right stone. Ask every possible question from the jeweler about  the piece  being  genuine, natural or synthetic as the synthetic stones are genuine, but not natural.

For colored stones ask from the jeweler for the originality of its color. Ask if it is not dyed so that it easily fades away. Also clarify about the names of a particular stone as they are sometimes misleading and fake. The most important question to be asked is whether  the gemstone needs protective setting? This question is valid in case of gemstone like Tanzanite, opal, or emerald as they are very delicate and require some protection.