Wear a Paraiba Tourmaline to get rid of health problems

ImageBlue is a color which is often associated with stability and depth. The color is used as a symbol for many stones. When it comes to gemstones, Paraiba Tourmaline is a gemstone which is mainly known for its turquoise blue color. The stone was discovered in the 1980s by Heitor Dimas Barbosa as he along with all his people spent many years at the hills of Federal Brazilian State of Paraiba and hence the name Paraiba Tourmaline.

This gemstone is quite rare. The stone is scattered at different places beneath the earth and even with the use of high tech method for extraction of gemstone makes it quite difficult to find the stone. You will be amazed to know that it takes about 2000 tons of earth in order to get 40 carats of the gemstone. Moreover, there are number of reasons like depletion of mines and the complex process of extraction of the stone are some reasons for its rare existence. It is therefore considered as one of the rarest gemstone of the world even rare than diamond.

Wearing a Paraiba Tourmaline is good for your health. The stone is used a healing agent for people suffering from intense physical stress. The stone makes a person mentally stable and aware. Moreover, it also activates the immune system of the body. One interesting fact about the stone is that, once a research was done on the gemstone and it was found that the gemstone helps to increase the metabolism power of plants and animals. Hence, the stone is not only known for its effect on the human beings bit also on the other living and non living things which exist on the earth.

The rays that are absorbed by this stone have a very calm effect on the nerves of the human body.  Three-fourth of our body consists of water. By wearing this stone, the functionality of the tissues present in our body increases. Hence, the energy levels as well as the metabolism rate inside a person are increased.

It is due to the high cost of the gemstone that is cut in a particular manner. They are normally cut in to three shapes that are pear and oval shapes. It is the color of a Paraiba is the most important factor to determine its worth and not its size. Rectangle is the preferred shape for most of the modern jewelries that are made. It all depends upon the gem cutter as the type of shape he wants to give to the gemstone. In order to darken its color, the stone can be cut in a perpendicular shape also. On the other hand, to give it a light color it is cut parallel to the length of the crystal.

Some Paraiba Stones are too much dark colored in nature and they are not attractive in the market. For this reason the gem cutters sometimes cut it in a special way in order to make it visually appealing to the eyes of the customers. Such stones are priced much less in nature.

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Five Garnet Stones with Unique Properties

The gemstones will never lose their importance as they are an indispensable part of a women’s dressing. They glorify the beauty of a woman and from time to time have played an effective role in the designing of ethnic as well as modern jewelry. Jewelry makers are to a large extent dependent on these stones to make the best ornaments and creations.

Garnet gemstones are special in their appearance and uses. They have the ability to strengthen and protect the user from any kind of evil forces and therefore it is also known as a regenerative stone. There are six types of garnet stones that are available. All of them come in a variety of colors and has a unique property associated with them.

Almandine is a red colored garnet ad is known as a Stone of Tangible Truth as it is said that it helps to present a reality of the physical world. The color of the stone is due to the presence of the mineral iron aluminum silicate. Due to its immense power of driving away negativity, it was often used in the form of a talisman as the stone was embedded in the armor of the warrior. The stone has got a strange ability to increase the will power and confidence of an individual.

The Grosular Garnet is a green color gemstone which has derived its name from the word gooseberries due to the striking similarity of the green color like that of the berries. It is a spiritual stone and brings positivity inside a person. People who are about to start their new business wear such stones in order to prosper in their new venture.

Also known as living fire, the Pyrope Garnet varies in colors starting from red to crimson. The blood red color of the stone is due to the presence of aluminum and magnesium. It is said that in the olden times, the stone was helpful in driving away Vampires. The stone brings gentleness inside a person and can help to increase the creativity inside a person.

Spessartine is an excellent healing stone when it comes to get rid of stomach problems. People suffering from indigestion, gastric problems or stomach aches find the stone quite beneficial as it relieves them from all such problems. Once you wear the stone you can alleviate all fear from your life and bring self confidence in you.

Uvarovite stone is often confused with Emerald due to its turquoise green color. But this stone is said to bring immense benefits to the user as far as wealth is concerned. It brings a spiritual change in a person and is said to encourage the heart chakra. It is mostly used by short tempered persons as it helps their mind to cool down.

Garnet is a fragile stone and hence it is to be taken care properly. A solution of soap mixed with warm water is the ultimate cleansing agent. Do not rub the stone harshly as doing this can take away the lustre and shine of the stone.

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Green Tourmaline acts as an excellent gemstone in healing your body

ImagePeople often take the help of gemstones in order to get rid of the emotional, mental and physical disturbances in their life. Such stones are attached to the human body in the form of a ring. They act as a very effective healing agent and help to drive away all the negative forces at bay. The stones are truly magical when it comes to healing a person from within the body.

Green Tourmaline leads the race, when it comes to the best healing gemstones in the world. It has got a variety of healing properties that can bring a new meaning to the life of the people who are using the stone. The stone is of immense benefit to the persons as it brings luck, wealth and fame.

Since, there are a variety of gemstones present currently in the market, one obvious question that might arise in your mind is “What is the benefit that I will derive after wearing the stone?”. There are endless numbers of benefits which you can enjoy by wearing the stone as it heals your body and prevent you from the health ailments.

Let us start with the physical healing energy first. Green Tourmaline is worn by patients who are suffering from a life threatening disease like cancer. The stone prevents the re-growth of the cells, thereby preventing from getting spread in all parts of the body. It acts as a defense mechanism by taking care of the body’s nervous system and is therefore also recommended to patients who have suffered an attack once and also to children who suffer from claustrophobia.

The stone acts an excellent deterrent for people who are always occupied with negative thoughts. Wearing this stone turns the negative energy into positive ones. Moreover, it also brings a feeling of gratitude inside a person and subsequently helps him or her to develop into a charismatic personality. Hence, the emotional state of affairs that takes place inside the mind of an individual is perfectly balanced by a green tourmaline gemstone.

Spiritual well being of a person is very important in an individual’s course of life. A green tourmaline is the ultimate stone with the help of which you can feel a spiritual flow of energy in your body. The positive forces of the stone help the mind to think very clearly, thereby repelling negativity. An inner conscious of a person is developed and he or she feels enlightened after wearing the stone.

A businessman or entrepreneurs who are about to venture themselves into a new project find the stone very helpful. It is said that the color of a tourmaline determines to a large extent about the kind of color. A green tourmaline helps to keep the pace at work and stabilizes one’s mind. Wearing this stone will not make you feel demotivated and everything will fall into place. In the ancient periods, it was used by warriors so that they could win the battle. Moreover, sailors used to carry this stone for a good journey.

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Purchase the right Topaz for yourself by following some simple tips

ImageDue to the rise in the cost of the precious stones like diamond and sapphire, it has nearly become impossible for the common man to purchase jewelry. They are hence switching over to gemstones in order to fulfill their desire of wearing the best jewelry. Found in a variety of colors, this gemstone is giving a tough competition to all the precious stones..

The blue color of the stone is extremely appealing and it has hence found its usage in the making of various ornaments such as pendants, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Women are now using this stone in order to adorn themselves for special occasions such as marriage, parties or any other special events. Many women prefer to purchase gemstones online, but buyers must be careful while making such purchases as there are a number of websites that a sells gemstones without any proper certificates.

By keeping in mind some few tips, you can easily know how to purchase a topaz.

Topaz is available in a variety of colors such as Yellow, Blue, Pink and Imperial. You will have to decide which color topaz you want to purchase. Remember, pure topaz is colorless and is heated at a certain temperature, which makes them appear shiny and lustrous. Yellow Topaz will not cost you much as it is an inexpensive gemstone. Blue color topaz always remains on the demanding list of women as it the turquoise blue in color and is relatively less priced. If you are planning to purchase an imperial topaz, then you should better be ready to shell out some money as this gemstone can cost you a bit more.

The quality and price of a gemstone depend to a large extent on the way it has been cut. The same thing goes even for topaz. It depends to a great extent on how the stone has been polished and cut into precision. Perfect and fancy are the two types of cuts to which the gemstones are shaped. Fancy cuts are characterized by long and straight lines; whereas the perfect cuts are diamond shaped. The more perfectly a topaz is cut, the more will be its cost.

Clarity is another important factor which plays a major role in determining the cost of a Topaz. The cost depends upon the number of inclusions that are present inside the stone. The more, the number of inclusions, the less will be the cost of the Topaz and vice versa. Sometimes, we try to judge the cost of the stone depending upon the number of carats with which the gemstone is made, but this is a false way of determining the cost of the stone. It always depends on the cut and clarity of the stone and hence the prices vary accordingly.

Today, there are a number of online websites that sells gemstones like Topaz. But while purchasing this gemstone from such website, it is necessary to read reviews of a few customers who have purchased such website. You must be first sure about the quality of such gemstone provided by the seller and only then should make the final purchasing decision.

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How is an Opal formed

ImageMost of the gemstones that are found are treated artificially either by heating them at a certain temperature or by adding some kind of chemicals in them. But Opal gemstone is the only which does not undergo any type of artificial treatment.

After reading this article, you will have a very clear idea about the exact process on how an opal is formed

Opal, the natural gemstone forms in a very interesting way. It is formed from a combination of silicon dioxide and water. The stone is truly natural and is formed in a very beautiful manner. When water runs down through the earth, it collects all the silica present in the sandstone. This solution is formed by natural decomposition. When the water finally evaporates under extreme conditions of heat, then it forms small oval structures which take the shape of an opal when they are hardened.

The silica rich solution which is formed in the volcanic rocks creates cracks and voids by the weathering process. Many fossils releases molds that acts as a secondary mineral in the formation of this gemstone. Miners call it by the name of potch and the mineralogist terms it as Common Opal. During the initial formation, the gemstone is in its unnatural state and therefore many pores are formed in it. Opaline Silica fills all those pores, thereby accumulating all the grains.

Variation inside an opal depends upon a number of factors. Climate plays an important role in the formation in the variation. Wet climate helps to maintain the amount of silica inside the stone where as a dry climate significantly reduces the water content inside the stone thereby making it harder. Moreover, regions where volcanic eruptions take place also a material known as the white kaolin is formed and thereby it helps to produce an Australian Opal.

Many scientists as well as mineralogist are still researching in order to find out the exact way by which an opal is formed. They are constantly trying to figure out the chemical conditions or the acidic reactions that are responsible for the creation of an opal.  Opals mainly have their origin from the Great Australian Basin. Three other places that are Lightning Ridge in New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland boulder where black white and matrix opals are found respectively.

Another important member in the family of Opal is the Boulder Opal. Even this gemstone is formed naturally. But the appearance of such kind of opals is quite different. These stones are generally elongated in shape. They are mainly formed by the accumulation of sandstones. Though, some minute cracks might develop in this opal but it does not affect the appearance of the stone in any way. Boulder opals are cut into fine precision by the gem cutters to give them the desired shape.

Matrix and Pipe are the two important opals that are yet other members of the opal family. Matrix Opal is very rare in existence and they are mainly formed by iron stone. Pipe Opal on the other hand is like a pipe structure that is usually longer in shape. Hence, Opal Beads are one of the most natural gemstones that are found on earth.

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Ruby as a Royal Stone With Deep Red Color

ImagePeople who are in love with red color would definitely like to have a Burmese Ruby. If there is anything more red than the color red than it is this gemstone. The reason for using the word red numerous times is that the stone is only famous for its color and hence it is necessary to mention it. Women and Ruby has a strong association with each other as both of them have a very strong association with each other as the color symbolifies love, passion and power.

Ruby is a valuable and a precious gemstone. It has got all the qualities of a finest quality stone. Be it in terms of color, hardness or the brilliance a Ruby sets aside all the other stone in its category and ranks far better in comparison to the other gemstones. India is one such country in the world that has a strong connection with this gemstone. It is said in the ancient period, whenever any such stone was found it used to receive a royal treatment by the kings. Till today, the stone holds a royal significance as they are used in some households for decoration purpose.

Coming to the color of the stone it can be said that the blood red color of the stone is due to the presence of mineral like iron, titanium and vanadium. Since the stone belongs to the corundum family the presence of aluminium oxide and chrome are quite evident. But it is said that the stone’s color is primarily due to the presence of chrome. There is a history behind this. Millions of years ago when the formation of minerals began beneath the earth it was due to the accumulation of excess chrome that had resulted in such a beautiful creation of the Ruby Gemstone. But on the other hand, the chrome was also responsible for developing cracks inside the stone.

Few rubies have a shiny display and they are known as Star Rubies. These rubies are very rare and are mainly start shaped. It produces a lightening effect which is known as asterism. In order to purchase the best ruby one can only determine its quality by the intensity of its color. But the true beauty of a good Ruby depends to a large extent by the way it has been cut.

The stone is used for healing many types of problem faced by the human body. It brings positive energy inside the mind of a person and is therefore used by those who have been suffering from problems like mental trauma, disorder and frustration. Since, the stone brings a cooling effect to the mind, it is used for meditation. It also acts as an effective shield and helps to protect an individual from all the evil forces of nature. The stone even finds its usage in technology. The stone also brings courage inside a person there by making him or her more self confident. It is used for making watches, medical instruments and lasers that are used in microscopic surgery.

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Mystic Topaz is Popular for its Magical Properties

ImageThe power of a stone is immense, it has a strange ability. Some people call it as a spiritual, where as some of them call it magical, a stone proves all theories of science wrong with its astonishing ability to bring positive changes in the life of a human being. Even history is a proof to the fact that stones have served as a great companion by acting as a protector for warriors thereby preventing them from getting injured at any war.

Today, there a number of gemstones that is present in the market. Each one of them has some unique properties which sets them apart from the other stones. One of the stones is Mystic Topaz. It is found in large numbers in Brazil and some other parts of the world such as Australia, China, Japan and Nigeria.

Mystic Topaz is a unique gemstone which is not available naturally. It is artificially treated with chemicals in order to make it look shinier. The stone is mainly famous for its exceptionally beautiful color. This gemstone is partially made up of topaz and a thin layer of titanium is covered on it.

There are numerous properties of a Mystic Topaz that makes it quite popular among the people. It is good for artists as the stone is said to increase creativity and helps to appreciate beauty. Depression can be treated very easily with this stone. People differing from any kind of phobia or fear like can wear this stone. Sometimes, it has been seen that people become emotional while dealing with a particular situation. A Topaz can help to balance emotions and moreover also helps to alleviate tension very easily.

This gemstone is said to bring love and hence is used by couples who are having a troubled married life. Most of the business men prefer to wear it as it brings a lot of wealth and money. Since, the stone brings a lot of luck it can be more effective when worn in the left hand. One interesting thing about the stone is that it is recommended to those people who have anger issues. The stone keeps the mind of an angry person cool and makes him realize the true feelings.

A Topaz stone also acts as savour and protects a home from getting destroyed by fire or from any other accident. People suffering from bad nightmares or those who have the habit of walking in sleep can get a lot of help from it. The stone is not only a good healer but also helps to transform all the negativity into positivity.

The growing demand of a Mystic Topaz shows that people are using it in large numbers in order to get rid from the various tensions of life. The stone should always be worn only after consulting a good astrologist. The price of a topaz depends on the weight of the stone that is weight per carat. The heavier the carat more will be the price of the stone. It has been seen that Emerald cut Topaz is more in demand and hence this stone is a bit expensive.

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Aquamarine Gemstone-Its Origin Color and Uses

On hearing the word Aquamarine, the first thought that comes to our mind is something which is related to water. Aquamarine gemstone is also one of the many semi precious gemstones that is a blue stone and is considered as one of the most ‘Precious Four’ gems which are found. The glass like structure and appearance of the stone gives an impression of the sea. It is due to the similarity in the color with the sea that the name was kept which in Latin language means sea water.

The stone gets its color due to the presence of minerals like chromium and vanadium. It belongs from the beryllium aluminum silicates family. The hardness of the stone varies from 7.5 to 8 when measured on Mohs scale. The largest Aquamarine was discovered in 1910 in Marambaya, Brazil where a stone of 110.5 kg was mined. Found mostly in the countries of China, India and Kenya; the largest producer of this stone is Brazil.

The stone is cut into specific shapes and sizes that make it quite attractive among the people. Women mostly like this stone because of its unique rectangular and square cuts. The cuts vary from one gem cutter to another and also depend to a large extent upon the demand. Some of the most preferred cuts mostly include round, oval and cushion sized.  Many ornamental figures are made up of this stone as it never loses its shine so easily.

When it comes to designing jewelry an aquamarine can easily give competition to any other stones that are available in the market. Jewelry designers mostly take the help of it in order to design one of the most beautiful pieces of ornaments. They are mostly used in the form of rings, pendants and necklaces. They look best when worn as a necklace with gown. They are also popular as earrings.

In order to give the ultimate look to aquamarine gems is treated to a certain temperature. This is mainly done in order to remove the unnecessary yellow and greenish tones from the stone that otherwise make it look dull. However, giving heat to the stone is generally avoided as doing so may cause it to decolonize and lose its original color. The stone is to be cleaned very carefully so that it does not lose its shine. Using a mixture along with soapy water is the ultimate natural solution which one can use to clean the stone. Once the stone dries up after cleaning, it is better to use a soft cloth, wrap it around the stone and give it a gentle rub.

The stone is mostly used by people who face stage fear or have problem with public speaking. It helps to relax the mind of the speakers thereby making them comfortable and adapt with themselves with the surrounding environment. It is also recommended to those people who suffer from the water phobia and is also said to bring two individuals together in a relationship.

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Gem and Jewelry Show: A Medium to Showcase Your Business

Gem and jewelry shows are the excellent way of providing the customer a sneak peek of latest collection. Moreover, it is an important exercise to boost the business and increase the clientage. Regular shows increase the number of loyal exhibitors, which can ultimately be cash in lucrative business deals. Buying jewelry studded with expensive gems is an exhilarating experience for everybody. International gem and jewelry shows are an awesome platform to learn about gem and jewelry, even the rare ones.  
Through the Gem Shows  someone can unearth the exquisite gems with minute details. Bestingems Inc has large collection of gemstones and beads catering the all taste and budget. Let’s dig in some of the available products:
It is precious gemstone, available in oval and trillion shape with faceted and cabs cut. It is a green color stone that can easily be used in jewelry. The price this precious stone varies as per the size. It is available in the size of 3.50 X 2.50 mm, 6.00 X 4.00 mm and 4.50 X 4.50 mm. You can buy it in the single entity as well.
Cirtine Necklace
It is a beautifully crafted necklace available with one strand. The intricate design of this jewelry piece will certainly make your dress look even better. As of now, it is available in faceted, smooth and rough cut. There are two color choices available that are golden and orange.  Aforementioned are two best color choices that can go with all skin tone.  It is available in the size of 3 – 4.5mm and 4-5mm.
Neon Apatite
It an exquisite jewelry piece available with 1 and 3 strands. It is ready to bear item originated from Brazil. It has clean eye clarity, and cut wise it is available in round and faceted. On the scale of hardness it is counted as 6. As of now, it is available in deep blue color. It is a perfect ornament that can team up with almost any dress.
You can find a large collection of coral necklace on Bestingems Inc. Embedded with red coral beads, it is a beautiful jewelry item for your precious neck. So far, it is available in faceted, rough and smooth cut, mainly in a red and pink color. This ornament got its origin from Taiwan. On the scale of hardness the product falls on 3.
It is said diamonds are girls’ best friend.  No doubt, indeed! You can find beautifully crafted diamond necklaces on Bestingems Inc. The color availability is black and white. Origin from divine country India, necklace is embedded with natural diamond and rough beads.
Rainbow Moonstone
Originated from Australia, it is an eye clean clarity stone available in round faceted cut.  Hardness wise it falls on the scale of 7. It is a perfect ornament which can be at any occasion.  It is decent piece of jewelry.
Moreover, some can also visit the Jewelry Shows  someone can explore the intricate jewelry designs. These jewelry shows held from time and again in entire country.  Well, aforementioned was just tip of the iceberg. Explore the Bestingems Inc to unearth the all items.

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Carnelian Gemstones are an Easy Way to Bring Positive Changes in Your Life

ImageWhen it comes to energizing gemstone, Carnelian is the name that often comes to mind. The stone also signifies courage, leadership and endurance. There are many examples in history which show that this stone has proved to be quite useful to people who wanted to gain strength and have more stamina. Egyptians used to wear this stone in order to represent their rank of builder, where as alchemists used to boil this stone in order to enhance the energy of Chalcedonies.

The stone is mainly found in countries like India, Iceland, Peru and Britain. Carnelian was considered as a stone of high status and hence people who belonged to high class in the society were buried along with the stone on their side. The stone truly boosts energy inside an individual and helps him or her to re-energize. Though there are a variety of colors in which the stone is available but the most popular colors of the stone are red and orange.

Carnelian gemstone has a lot of positive properties associated with it. It is said to have a lot of properties such as healing, spiritual and color energy. We will discuss each one of them here. The stone helps to increase the supply of blood to the body and provide energy to the productive organs of the body. It is also a great stone for healing problems related to back pain, arthritis, and rheumatism. Most of the people take the help of this stone in order to prevent themselves from consuming alcohol, smoking and many such habits.

Presence of spiritual energy inside a person is quite important. A carnelian has the capability to restore faith inside an individual by bringing some spiritual changes inside the person. Few people suffer from problems such as procrastination, inability to take right decisions and many other mental problems. This stone restores the lost confidence by enriching the inner consciousness. It is able to attract all the positive rays from the planet by enabling the human body to absorb the rays.

The stone is mainly available in two colors; red and orange. Each one of them has got their own significance. Orange is considered lucky for people who do not share friendly relationships with other people. The color brings friendship, pleasure and joy. It is also said that wearing an orange colored carnelian help to reduce fear and imbibe self confidence inside a person. Red color on the other hand can help to create strong feelings inside a person.

There is a strong association between Carnelian Chakra and the balancing energies. The stone is said to control the flow of energy inside the body by stimulating the movement of two chakras that are the Sacral and Base Chakras. It helps to prevent from trauma. It is also an excellent meditation stone. It is said to bring stability inside the mind of an individual by helping the brain to focus on work.

The stone is used today in various forms of jewelry such as bracelet, rings and necklaces. It especially looks good when it is worn with stones that are light blue in color.

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